Move it, move it up to the sky - Part 1

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In his first ever NL $10 video for, TwiceT shows you how to loosen up your game and how to put pressure on regulars as well as taking down dead money created by weaker players.


Live Video Move it move it up to the sky series

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  • mamanani2


  • TwiceT


    heyho ppl!

    comments/questions very much appreciated ;)

    what i wanted to add: although i played rly well imo, this video IS NOT showing abc style. so if u are just starting playing poker, dont try to mindfuck around like i do all the time. just try to pick up some of my ideas and incorporate them into your game.
  • 5TRA1GHT


    very nice project especially for an NL10 fish like me ^^
  • ILoveNele


    King Julian = the only real King :-)
  • prinzmaldi2


    ur a nit, TwiceT!!!^^
  • notonemoretime


    was klimpert da so im hintergrund?? stackst du nebenbei ein paar chips oder ist das deine maus? oO
  • rap1dw1n3r


    ok i've noticed that when you had weaker hand than usual you open raised to 2.5BB but when you had a good hand you raised to 3BB or more I don't think that's a good idea since there may not be many good players at those limits but good players could exploit that easily dont you agree?
  • Rallerun


    wow nit :D
  • Eminescu500


    hey, nice video :)

    i deffo like your crazy monkey style sir, and i will extract some info and hope to incorporate it in my game. maybe some solid abc could do the job as well for crushing nl 10 :D. it was a funny video and i made some notes on the regs i play with and at your stats :D (small sample though :P)
  • TwiceT


    @ 2: usually i open raise any hand 3bb utg, mp, co, 2.5bb otb, 3.5bb sb. i dont make differences due to my hands, but my position tells me how big to open raise.

    if i openraised e.g. mp 2.5bb, it was def. just a missklick.

    @ 3: gl for your next sessions. cu on monday ;)
  • Play4forlife


    That KQ-fold - guess that was a pretty good fold.
  • CBFunk


    Just for your information:

    TwiceT plays a very loose style in this video a standard NL10 player shouldn´t play.

    For beginners: Don´t try this at home
  • CBFunk


    just quoting TwiceT too:

    "what i wanted to add: although i played rly well imo, this video IS NOT showing abc style. so if u are just starting playing poker, dont try to mindfuck around like i do all the time. just try to pick up some of my ideas and incorporate them into your game"
  • perperper


    Nice video, but how do you set the bet slider to just 0,5bb? I can only set it for 1bb. Do you have any additional software or the hotkey function activated?
  • spl4t


    burner content, so many spots, so much information :) definetly a present for the average bronze player
  • NietzscheF


    Great vid, I especially loved you're thinking proces about oppositions hand ranges and basing you're gameplan form there.

    And I now know why I should not play NL:)

    Thanks for posting, 5/5.
  • SummonOva


    Pretty nice video. Thanks. I'm looking for the next.
  • Zemnieks11


    Hello! Finally TwiceT at NL10 :) Atrough i grind there everyday at party in this limit but i didn'y get to play against you. How do you select betting size? with keybord Ctrl, Shift?
    Its defenetly very intresting to watch a loose player making some moves you don't see from other coaches. Hope to see some more videos soon.
  • smokinnurse


    funny ... water boat, it's you?
    just jokin^^ nice vid, pure fun i mean
  • topgood


  • DrCheiz


    Жёское видео, Хиро играл со статами где то 60/50!! И смотрю не особо плюсово.(
    Да и 4Бет-Колл Пуша с АКо не понравился(.
    Слишком больших он размеров был, я бы делал меньше и скидывал на Пуш от рега
  • wuttehhell


    you folded KQ against florian... From his name I take it he's from Romania just like me and believe me cause I know very well how romanians play. He would have done exactely that on a king no matter what kicker, and an a smaller pair with a A kicker so you wore good against 80% of his range at least.

    Well, you couldn't have known how romanians play so it's an okey fold, but next time you're aginst a romanian in a similar situation just check-call.
  • Eminescu500


    lol @6. i think just because he is a romanian doesn't justify that situation, or any other.

    Romanians are kinda fishy, but there are also good players ofc ;)
  • spl4t


    51:30 KQ on 98T56... why do you consider shoving (=overbetting) the river? the hands you would get to fold (busted FDs), would also fold to a smaller sized bet, no?
  • humuhumunukunukuapua



    Just finished watching your video. I think that it's defenetly very creative play for NL10. I mean there's like super few those who can play there like u did. It's also was super loose for me. But i defenetly got a LOT of ideas and many thing that i want to try, so im gonna do this, and will see hos it goes :)

    Thank you for video.
  • lincristian


    比 hansenbarten 好多了,此人剛剛得到 blackmember 是英國社區第一個blackmember
  • trunxX


    in order ungleich in ordnung ^^
  • arisko


    Best NL10SH video I've seen so far. Keep it up, lets just hope we can move up at the same time you do with the series :) I love how you always look at their nationalities as if it actually affects your decisions ;)
  • arisko


    @5 I thinnk he just uses his mouse scroll to decide bet size, I know I do.
  • shurshka


    hey TwiceT, first i want to say i respect you a lot.
    I have a question - why did you fold A8 there at about 17:00 UTG, but you raised 34s on same table also UTG?
  • TwiceT


    @ 5: yeah i use some bet pot skripts.

    @ 11: i could talk hours about that. however, to make it short: A8o has better EQ than 43s, but: what counts more oop is playability than EQ cuz u never know when to vbet A8, but u can (semi) bluff + vbet way better w/ suited connectors. also, that way u get higher AF + AFrq. hence, u will get paid more in the future.
    i also fold ATo and sometimes AJo utg, but open hands like T7s, 86s. depends on table conditions ofc. in general, u want to play tight utg.

    @ my kq fold vs florian. in retrospect , i think the fold is pretty bad. i fold toppest of my range vs a 2nd barrell. we dont want to do that too often. however, during the game i thought he was super strong
  • TwiceT


    @ 12: i want to get any 1 pair + some 2 pairs to fold. however, i was so afraid 2 pair is calling me here on nl10, that i decided not to bluff. i think 2 pair is not folding always vs 2/3 bet, but is def. vs overbet. maybe even sets, but probably not on nl10 ....

    @ my kq fold vs florian. in retrospect , i think the fold is pretty bad. i fold toppest of my range vs a 2nd barrell. we dont want to do that too often. however, during the game i thought he was super strong
  • peche025


    "AJ in blue maybe we flop a royal flush" I like your optimism! Nice video TT
  • valecia999


    Nice video!
    Will follow this series :-)
  • pelicanpoop


    Got some great tips and hoping to see another video soon! Move it, move it! :D
  • mustangpower


    i dont understand your push on the river with 67s, i mean the better hands call and the worse fold, if it was a bluff bet to represent a flush or an overpair

    i think i would donk the turn and c/f the river, do you think it would be the wrong play
  • playslayer


    i really enjoy your videos :D
    and i begun to watch ur old videos.

    as non english speaker i have question. u say "so close" which im not sure but sounds like that but i dont understand what does it mean.

    plz tell me what "so close(?)" means thx :D
  • DecMate


    Just the video i've been looking for, i have been playing NL10 LAG also and needed some tips :) GREAT VIDEO! MAKE MORE
  • gadget51


    I know these guys will pay me off TP mid kicker, so is all this creative play necessary at this level, given most don't pay attention or have little clue, anyway.
    If it will make me a better player all well and good though. :)
    I think my reading skills will improve immensely with this style and it seems fun (or I go broke trying it lol). TYVM for a fresh insight, rather than standard TAG stuff, even if that works.
    HOpe there is more....please?
  • TwiceT


    @ 15: "so close" means its a spot where its not clear cut whether to take line a or b. both option are more or less equal in EV, hence "close".

    @ 17: u are right. but dont forget: a) creating a more aggressive image may result in getting paid EVEN more (like tpnk) in future spots and b)picking up EVEN more dead money when they fold.
    ofc, standard tag style is enough and def. good. however, its never bad to think about expanding one's game at least a bit and loosen up in spots where it's +ev

    next videos in this series will be dual vid from eminescu and me on n1l0 when he plays. after that, since we will be moving up in our project, we'll play nl25
  • TwiceT


    @ 15: the plan is to get better hands to fold obv. he will fold most 1 and 2 pair hands. esp his betsizing and timing indicate, that he is not very strong. hence, a bluff shove on the river should be highly +ev here.

    we are ip, we dont need to donk or check. we can act after him.
  • c4lyps0


    Он там в конце статы показывает - 41/35. Не для НЛ10 видео имхо, рыба очень плохо падает, и на всех этих мувах мы больше потеряем. Логика и объяснения однако на высоте, о диапазонах можно начинать думать уже сейчас.
  • c4lyps0


    A nice video, TwiceT. Probably a bit too reckless for this limit, where people just won't fold often enough to make all those moves very profitable, imho. Looking forward to more VODs from you.

    PS I'm surprised at the lack of comments considering the number of people who have watched the video...
  • thebigheizung85


    TwiceT can't even beat NL10... never watch a video of this guy again!

    Seriously great content (like always), but i think it is so advanced that it does no good for most pokerstrategy players on NL10. Although it is well explained i can't imagine i would have understood all of it when i started.
  • gedwashere91


    F*CKING LOL!!! KK villain hand at 20:30. I lol'd hard.
    Nice play TwiceT.

    You say you never played NL10.. did you dive straight into high stakes or did you start off on MTT's/SNGs?
  • rekinlukasz


    35:35 Nasty lets do it!
  • TwiceT


    @ 19: i started by playing sng/mtt.
    started cash game at 50 and 100.
  • BlackHawkEU


    Great video!
    It is the exact limit I started and I managed to move at NL20. After watching your video I began to play safer and I have better results now. I move up in limit like Eminescu500 does, so I will pay close attention to your progress. My goal is to go up in limit at this point and already moved to NL20. When I will make enough profit and I can afford it, I definitely want to book some coaching time with you.
  • Keule100021


    i think it was a realy good video. even if most beginners shouldnt play like this (me included), it is a good way get a feeling for villan on this level. esp how they react on aggression and what their betsizing stands for. looking forward to see another one, maybe on Pokerstars nex time!
  • kkkaaamil


    I like your gamestyle and your accent :)
  • jbpatzer


    Watched the video. So fast I couldn't follow most of it, but..... got the idea that agression pays off, and have been making about 10BB / 100 hands on FR NL10 Rush on FT since I started 3 and 4 betting like a maniac.

    Make a video review of just one table and I might be able to follow it!


  • binglee


  • Steefie31


    Yeah the video is great! It´s nice to see in this video that 10nl is often underrated. Although most players play bad it´s hard to play them because they are so hard to read. They make so many bad plays and reads..
  • SilasMWU


    @15 my problem is, i understand ur point and maybe if id play against people, that know how to play and give my all in credit, thats okay.
    But i have made the experience, that too many players at this limit just call too many all ins even with top pair or something on such a board and u didnt even have stats, so i think it was pretty dangerous, wasnt it?
  • SilasMWU


    not @15, i meant @TwiceT ;)
  • Johnis


    Well, I'm not a pro, but I'm not very excited about this loose playing style on NL10. I don't think calling allin AK preflop is +EV in this spot. It's very difficult to imagine how a guy on this limit would ship AQ, AJ or anything else that you would be ahead of. That florian or smth was playing aggressive post flop, and as you told you didn't have/didn't use any stats about his preflop play. I would not speculate anything about your mindset, since as you told you have never played this limit, and you expect to be very much better than everybody else, but apart from the fish who shipped kk on the turn, you did not have huge edge over other guys.

    Sorry but that's my opinion
  • Johnis


    By the way, what kind of winrate do you expect to have with this loose style play?
  • AssadKamran91


    nice video! i saw that your sqeeze % was at 0. I know it's just a micromini sample, but what do you think about sqeezing at this stakes? (nl5-nl25 SH). what kinda % range do you think is optimal?

    also you guys should make hyperlinks to all the videos in a given series at the sites. so like links to the other episodes in THIS series at THIS page. would be a lot easier to go to next video. :)
  • TwiceT


    @ 23: thnx for your opinion. hope u could still get something out of the vid even tho u didnt like it too much.

    however, i dont rly agree. i think i have a huge edge on all 3 postflop streets. maybe preflop i dont have a big edge cuz i am not a reg on n1l0 and i am not familiar with ranges too much. (but i even doubt that)

    no idea about wr. but what i know. if u are able to play +ev in marginal spots, loosening up step by steü will increase your wr.

    @ 25: as u will also see in my nl25 vid, i dont rly squeeze too much. basically just a value range. ppl just call too much pre. but ofc, vs some regs u can squeeze as long as they fight back. but since there are not sooo many regs than can make tight folds pre, i dont think u should focus too much on squeezing. getting value is of utmost importance!

    and yeah, hyperlinks would be rly good.
  • TwiceT


    well, to call tp on this board texture, he has to be rly fishy. but yeah its true, u wanna pick your bluffing spots carefully on this limit. in this spot tho, i think it was a pretty good move.
  • Bedoze


    It was a pretty good session with lots of aggression but I guess the raises pre-flop could've been higher. 4BB at least.

    Any specific reason for raising 2,5 on BU?

    What about using the Elephant since it is a tool that we can get from pokerstrategy? It could be interesting to use it as a tool for moving up and how different stats change at different stakes.

    Thanks for the great vid!
  • pporsche



    As estatísticas não são relevantes jogando em micro limites. Quanto aos raises de 2,5BB no Botão depende da situação em particular. Dependendo da análise que fazes dos jogadores das blinds e se estás a balancear o teu jogo com boas mãos para raise e com mãos marginais para roubo com as quais não pagarias uma 3 bet.
  • Freddz


    5bet range on NL10 is KK+, especially against a cold 4bet.
  • Freddz


    By 4betting you just isolate yourself against a range wich crush your AK.
  • carlosomse


    with your history the play against florian actually was very fine, but just a little bit overplayed the limit... too complex thoughts 3/4bet bluffs and things like this are extremly unusual on this limits thats why i think florian adapted because he maybe thought you are a maniac

    super video <3 aber für das limit bist halt einfach mega overlvled
  • gringofrijolero


    i like the video. good explanations throughout the hands. the only suggestion that i have is there were many times that you would switch from one hand to the next without saying what table you were talking about. and you would jump back and forth some times. i just made it a little harder to follow which hand you were talking about. other than that very well done.
  • DeinChef


    "i don´t think he´s trying to level me" hahaha - mmd
  • Dagienka


    I thing it's realy good video. And I like your accent too :)
  • Monize


    O bacano logo no inicio do video da call com KQo em posiçao. Acerta Qxx no flop.. da call e depois folda a 2nd barrel no turn... porque o vilao apostou rapido?? Eu sou mt noob no poker.. mas se ele da call ao raise preflop, acerta e depois folda.. porque dar call preflop.. mais vale foldar logo:p HUGE WEEK FOLD
  • yeahyoung0312


    very nice video.

    I think this style will be much more successful in NL200 and above. If you look at the stats in you can see that winner in NL10 are typically much less aggressive overall than winners in NL200.
  • Raiozo


    Very good video. I have learned a lot from it and i feel that my game has improved thanks to TwiceT.
  • Muscamatei


    nice video, as allways. What i see that has a very important part, in growing as a poker player, is the table image and and your awareness, the way people perceive you and how you use that against them. This matter in my opinion, is not emphasized enough. Most of your decisions r based on this. From observation this comes natural to experienced players. I dont know if i'm entirely correct.
  • PokerSprite


    i good video but i think too good to NLT. player who play on this limit are too weak to play in thath way. its my opinion.
  • iuryribeiro


  • matiapag


    this was a great video :) Loads of action + great explanation = many things to learn :) Ofc, it was really loose, but still very effective kind of play... I can see it's just so hard to hit the opponent's range cuz you play with better players... I think that's the main reason why the other players preffer TAG style - when you play against so many bad players, you just don't want to invest so much money into the pot, cuz you are actually not really sure about their range and stuff... That's the way I think it is and that's why I prefer TAG style, but this was still one of the best videos I've seen so far :) good job! in next few days I wan to see others from this series
  • Sentel



    see comments in English section
  • Janusrichmond


    I must say I was really surprised about some moves, this video just make poker a little bit funnier, even on those small stakes. Will start 3-beting more!
  • andreimgs


    great video
  • itwillturnm8


    I am dissapointed ,very confusing video ,especially holdem analysis on 289 hands ,LOL
  • geegame


    Hey TwiceT good video !:D

    I wanted to know, When you go up limits.
    @ 38.21 your talking about not raising to loose at big limits.

    What is the range of opening a bet in the small blind ?

  • bonecore


    It just gives me a headache to watch this video.. I think 1 table without pauses between explanations would be too fast for me also :)

    will watch this when i am platinum or black member
  • trifen22


    Hey TwiceT, very nice video.
    I'm a decent tournement player but I suck at cash. I do alot of session reviews with a two friends who are Playing NL10 on the same site as me(Aced) and they are both regs. They both play LAG too, Thank you very much for your informative video:) This will help me to improve
  • Depor07


    Hey you said there not semi bluffing much at these limits. What makes you say that?
    Im playing my way up and maybe can reduce some opponents ranges down a bit if thats true.
    I always figure Im semi bluffing so my opponent should be too.
  • Diabeto88


    great vid, I really like your style, I am playing NL10, I played like 11000 hands ( not enough) but I think I can improve my game through this videos.
  • bouchapipe


    how do you know the villain is weak with the 76 s hand in the beginning of the video. You call the flop, call the turn and then idd a scared card comes on the river, but how can you know he doesnt has a flush, or like a set, he would probably played it the same way except for the fold on the turn vs your shuf
  • zumpar


    :D "openlimp and a minraise - pretty advanced plays here"
  • iCallSick1


    good concept for free coaching :)
  • Varrancomando


    The funniest poker video I've ever seen ;D
  • aloureiropt


    gooooooooooooooo gooooooooooooooooooo
  • nemiren


    I have only watched beginners videos so far, and they seemed a bit boring, but this was crazy action, i enjoyed it so much! :)