$150-MTT Replay - Part 2

  • MTT
  • MTT
  • $150
  • Fullring
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JonathanLittle brings you a review of his deep run in a $150-MTT on PokerStars.


$150-MTT Replay PokerStars Session Review

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  • CBFunk


  • TeddybaermitHolzgewehr


    "If you slowroll people you propalby gonna lose"

  • pumpingPOKER


    смотреть не на что тупо лак
  • FilAnna


    да, есть немного)
    в пособия по лаку
  • veriz


    What do you think about the idea of limping on UTG with you 22? I am often doing that, mixing up my game because I sometimes limp with AA also against aggressive opponents.
  • veriz


    The hand where you had KQo and BU tried to steal, ain't it better to just raise and not ship?
    Raise 3000:
    - if ou get raised you can likely fold because you are often behind
    - you save like 10k when he decides to raise

    - you only get called by a better hand and often times pretty dominated and even don't get coinflip
    - a bit too risky?
    - of course he often does raise with air but I consider just raising be better here
  • JonathanLittle


    I think if people arent constantly raising your limps, you can get away with limping small pairs. I think limping them in most cases is usually the most +ev way of playing them in a vacuum but poker isnt played in a vacuum. I also dont like the idea of limping AA because I want to get stacks in, not limp, have someone raise to 4bbs, then push over that, because you usually only win a 5bb pot.

    As for the KQ, if you raise to 3000, you will get called a lot and miss most flops. Also, if he does push, you will make a lot of incorrect folds given the odds you will be getting.