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hasenbraten introduces smaller poker sites and networks, in this video EuroPoker. He talks about their VIP program, their software and anything else you need to know.


EuroPoker OnGame

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  • Pokerboydd


    a) Nicht 6 Max, sondern 5 Max -> Hausaufgaben machen

    (ebenfalls erwähnenswert, dass zumindest zuletzt in PLO SB=BB war.
  • DerDicke82


    The Europokerreview on is not telling anything about a 30% Rakeback, why?
  • SeriAceLeet


    nice hitting skillz
  • hasenbraten


    sorry for saying 6max if i did, i obv. meant 5max.

    wow crap - i just rechecked and that 30% rakeback is obviously wrong and came out of another presentation. i am imediatly going to fix that ofc!
  • Jman86


    hmm..did i just miss it? You didnt check the sng action in the software, did you?
  • vmalischuk


    Кто же займется переводами?
  • Exolatus


    там же все понятно
  • luvmeluvme


    30% rakeback when u rake 100$. is on pokerheaven
  • fszt


    "30% rakeback when you rake 100€"
    miről beszél pontosan?
  • thefiqs


    úgy hangzik mintha valami boss teremről lenne szó
  • hasenbraten


    video is now fixed about the rakeback, also including the plo-fact
  • Titangizmo


    Can you turn of the chat thing on the right? When you multitable doesn't get that in the way?