3-betting in MTTs

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JonathanLittle talks about 3betting in MTTs and analyses certain hands.


3bet thematic video

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  • Konti23


  • Konti23


  • flushtrain


    f3ine sache
  • mik1984


    Excellent video!
  • pils3


    nice video, thank you.

    one thing, that i think you should have mentioned more is that some of the spots are not exactely default, since e.g. the A6o hand in the end is basically a pure bluff, pre and postflop.
    you can bluff 3-bet there, but folding is perfectly fine, too. also postflop you are just betting/shoving because you have always the worse hand, so i think, check/folding is an option.
  • spl4t


    love it
  • alejgambe


    very good video!
  • opedius


    nice to see
  • ViktorVasilchuk


    Отличное видео,давно пора не ссать и 3бетить=)
  • Donkkk


    at 4:50 shouldn't you consider just calling the original raiser because the BB has got aprox 10 BB left and he might shove for the 1.3k that's in the middle already?
  • elfigus


    really nice video jonny, thanks!
  • IdiotWind


    wow habra que abrir el rango de 3bet al parecer
  • Blackjed


    Last hand A6o IP + flop K72 (dry) and after Cbet you are considering about call push? It's omg... cbet = +EB call of push is huge -EV - isnt it clear for everyone?

    Fine video on rest of situation's but it's would be nice if you add chart where we can see how often you get called after blaf showe.
  • Leito99


    you were saying that opponents lose equity by folding to reshoves when they have around 45% equity against your range...
    so does that mean you would call in the AQ of hearts in MP hand if your were the other guy with hands like A9s, K10s, 77s?
  • JonathanLittle


    In general, assuming you are a slightly average player, you should be calling off when you get reraised and are getting 2:1 or so simply because you are always around 40% to win against their range. Also, if you mostly care about winning, like I usually do in tournaments, you dont mind giving up a tiny bit of equity and take the route that will give you a lot more wins and a few less itms.

    As for the A6 hand, it is for sure close but folding is probably right. Against the right players that love to 4bet all in, it could turn into a snap call.
  • Njeng


    i think on the one hand its good to pick the spots random so u get a more representative range. on the other hand its not really too interesting when u 3bet for value in early stage game play over and over. also with all the little "cutscenes" lacking any stats (e.g. HM replayer would have them) u cant really go on a more mathematical approach, therefore basing ur decisions only on positions and stacksizes which is kind of boring after a while. for a theory video like this id clearly recommend another setup to start with to gain more additional information about your villains. also i think it would be terrible to use some of the non balanced bet sizing tendencies u recommend versus anyone who might actually be looking at that kind of stuff and not only play his two cards (e.g. make committing or non committing looking bets to accomplish certain reactions from ur opponent - u forget to mentions that is something to do only versus known fish).
  • Devinco


    I really like that format to arrange certain hands for talking about an overall topic.
    There should be more MTT-Vids like this.

    Good job!
  • JonathanLittle


    At 4:50, I think calling simply because someone in the bb has a decent squeeze stack doesnt make it worth giving up the value of reraising with ak. If everyone had a great push stack, calling would make more sense.

    I failed to mention that all the weird bet sizing stuff only applies against players that are weak enough to fall for it. Perhaps next time I will use more recent hands where I remember how people play, but really, you can take each hand and pretend like the player in question is tight and play the hand, then pretend he is a maniac and play the hand, and so forth. These are just examples of situations that come up often in mtts that some people play poorly.
  • DecMate


    love your videos, and i love how you end up disagreeing with your play everytime :D KEEP UM COMING!
  • nyehehe


    @8 +1
    nice vid. I really like this theme.