Running Good – Part 1

  • Sit and Go
  • SNG
  • $6
  • Fullring
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chenny8888 is running good in this session review where he focuses on late game play.


late game PokerStars Running Good series Session Review

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  • Konti23


  • Konti23


  • KidPoker


    hey Chenny
    please can you upload youre Table Layout
    with cards?

  • Merrell82


    Nice vid,

    what is he saying at 7:40? I am ______ to get it in on the turn...?
  • GoDLikeAntikilleR


  • DerDicke82


  • bradomurder


    i'd prefer calling it "running well" but another good vid.
  • Corono


    prima erklärung, danke für die mühe, feue mich schon auf part 2
  • greengrisha


    second and nevermind!
  • matirafaela


    muy buen video, podrias describir los stats que usas ??
  • wool85


    16:30 don't like folding JJ without reads, especially not on these limits; you will always find enough people pushing KT or any pocket to make it profitable on avg
  • tchrikch


    Nice job. I really liked your explanations about how you play TP no kicker on different boards
  • nagafen


    "But I'm"...anyone seen the HIMYM Episode? Could be a nice drinking game here.

    I like the Video. There are some Spots I don't really like how they are played, but I'm going to look at them more exactly later.

    I think 4 Tables would be enough, you are doing fast forward, as no interesting hands are played, but I don't like the idea of moving Tables in and out.
  • Mirkotoscano


    nice video. I'll watch the second part when I'll be free. I liked how you played some marginal hands (such top pair Q with low kicker 5) ciao
  • luableu


    Chenny would you please say what stats do you use please, TYVM
  • FalstaFF


    Thanks for the detailed discussion!
    I actually liked the moving in and out of tables, since it gives you the possibility of including more interesting hands into the video. Just take care to always explain the game flow when moving in a new table, since it's not visible for the audience.

    As wool85 pointed out, I also wouldn't fold the JJ hand against unknown. Very often you see some more pockets, even 88s and 77s and certainly AQ, sometines AJ.. not to mention those that repush even more hands!
    Overall I think JJ is a clear push in this spot on this limit.
  • murdock85


    i agree.. 16:00 minutes JJ is an obv shove
  • bigdwong


  • ex6tence


    You wont always get so much good hands like in this video...
    Does it pays off playing sooo tight Turbo SNGs without any stealing at all?
  • Avatars91


    12:23 - Why did you check the auto-fold box with 54s in the small blind? Is it not a good spot to complete the small blind and get to see the flop?
  • chenny8888


    Rarely can you complete in a SNG imo. Even when you flop a good draw (most likely flop) you can't play it aggressively. So I like just dumping it pre
  • ormusJ


    Hi chenny,nice video!
    16:00 - JJ, your pot odds are 1650:1265, so it is 1,30:1 means 43,47% of your equity.So the fold was correct.But your counting was not...:)
    Pot odds are the answer to any dobuts.
  • thebatsman


    love your videos thank you