Introducing Cake Poker

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hasenbraten introduces smaller poker sites and networks, in this video Cake Poker. He talks about their VIP program, their software and anything else you need to know.



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  • jopelu


    yes yes
    mi inglis is de los montes de Malaga
    joder no me entero de na
  • Mallefitzo


    Hola, muy pronto podrás ver doblajes de esos vídeos.

  • Mendezov


    Thank you
  • Grodolf


    I would say that the traffic on NLHM200+ FR is really bad. It's mostly 2 tables most. Nighttime its better but it seems like everyone at that stakes play a mix of SH and FR to be able to get the right amount of tables to play on. Also, there is a lot of, lets say NL1000 players on NL200, NL400, just because the loss of tables.
  • wutzge


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