iPlay Nanostakes - Part 3

  • NL SSS
  • NL SSS
  • $10
  • Fullring
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In the third part Gerv focuses on leaks. Trying to fix common leaks by shortstacks.


iPlay Nanostakes PokerStars series Session Review Theory Video

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  • CBFunk


  • kappe69


    I like the Avatar^^
  • danutz123


    I don't think you gave enough examples. Can you play some more that way, like a few 1000 more hands? And be sure to let me know which tables you're on.
  • filipetheman


    aos 17:20 minutos ta ali na mesa o nosso colega mancamulas lol
  • carlosomse


    67 on the suited borad is a nice hand to play that style if you are lucky enough to get a scare card ^^
  • Gerv


    Unfortunately this is the only time where I played a clearly {minus}EV session ;-)

    Comments are welcome !
  • MancaMulas


    eu dei uma tareia ao Gerv nessa sessão
  • tyjobarbar


    good video thx
  • Safemonk


    Nice Video!
  • Krishjanis


    Really nice video, learned quite a lot from it! And your explanation is very good and entertaining as well.
  • Sinnology


    This was really really nice!
    Learned few extra things(playing when you double up, throwing small pairs, using equilator).
    THx for this.
    I have a question tho:

    I ve noticed that there has not many options in poker rooms, to play SSS.
    I switched to BWIN, since they have lots of them, and you dont have to wait for next table.
    But I wonder, how this problem will be solved in the future, when the rest of poker rooms limit buy in to 30+ BB?

    Best regards
  • Gerv


    For beginners, it is a whole new ballgame and I think you need to change a lot in your game which covers all aspects (openraise, 3bet, steal, postflop, turn etc.)

    That said, I do not know if PokerStrategy itself is making a seperate 30bb strategy but I think Trial
  • Sinnology


    I am not sure if I understand you correctly, but you are saying that we should play 30BB SSS same as 20 ?
  • Gerv


    I think I pressed Enter a bit too quickly

    No I meant the opposite since you have to change over 50% of the original 20bb strategy. So playing 30bb as though you have a 20bb stack could, should and will backfire longterm in my opinion

  • tomahawkpt


    Another great SSS video!

    I like the way you explain why we shouldn't limp, and also (I believe I haven't thought about it before), if we just call pre-flop to have a look at the flop and fit/fold, we are indeed loosing at least 1BB/100 ... which in an already "small" return of 1-2BB/100 (if we're good as beginners) makes as a loosing player in the long run.

    Very clear on why we should follow the strategy, and avoid tilting and wanting to see more flops.

    Keep those vids coming!
  • leetsparky


    great videos mate should link these in the begginer articles as it makes you think more about the stategy
  • fortunewheel


    the comment on the 66 limped hand in sb was pretty dumb , it's definately EV+ since ur only investing 1/2 of the bb so we effectively get 8 to 1 on our money if the BB is chechking preflop. meaning it's a no brainer since we'll hit a set 12 % of the time and we got 20 bb behind is more than enough
    to warrant setmining
  • fortunewheel


    to make it more easy u only need to get roughly 3 to 1 to justify setmining with 66 there and we are getting a way better price
  • fortunewheel


    again with J8s u are wrong , u are in the BB. U already paid 1 bb and u only have to pay 1 more so you are getting 6 to 1. chances of flopping 2 pair are about 2 %. meaning flopping a J and an 8. chances of flopping an OESD with J8 is like 5%. cobine this on the implied odds u r getting and maybe a bit of fold equity= snapcall preflop. i haven't even mentioned the chances of flopping a flushdraw which is about 8 to 1. meaning u can almost always call any flopbet profitably or get it in , not to mention when u flop big combo draws. It's not a big EV+ spot but it's definately NOT EV-
  • fortunewheel


    basically the problem is if you don't know the flopping odds for a hand you can't go telling people what is EV+ or EV-. You are right when you are saying people will get in trouble if you don't know anything about hand ranges preflop and on the flop and any theery about implied odds.
  • SirPaulius


    good old days