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You should gather your first experiences in No-Limit Hold’em at the full-ring tables. There you will learn and internalise the basics. Then from certain point onwards, when you feel more confident, you can have a go at the short-handed tables. In this video we will give you an overview of the short-handed game. You will learn about the basic principles and what factors can influence your play, and we will refer you to more in-depth articles on the topic.


Theory Video

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  • David


    Good video!
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  • Mudretsov


    первый )
  • isaitoleon


    excelente video para jugar holdem
  • Essah1


    Das ist ja ne Frau :)
  • vmalischuk


    Все понятно, что аж ничего не понятно :)
  • betswing


    в серебре есть статья, которая описывает по-русски все, что говорится в этом видео
  • matirafaela


    buen material, lastima que in iglish
  • whatsuup


    я лично все понял...очень хорошая речь
  • gnawhalak


    great explanation.. now i know why i'm not playing well at short handed tables.. coz i still use fl strategies..
  • andreimgs


    Good video indeed. I'm still trying to change my strategy to win more at sh tables.
  • snobbynose


    good vid
  • noz03


    Looks good, donno why I came here from a bronze link and can only watch first 4 minutes though :(
  • noobis667


    I am bronze member why i can not sea that vid?
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    nice one!!!
  • OndrejAdam1


    good video with basic principles, thanks :)