Running Good - Part 2

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  • SNG
  • $6
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chenny8888 is running good in this session review where he focuses on late game play.


PokerStars Running Good Session Review

Comments (18)

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  • CBFunk


  • Kongotto


    enjoyed, thx, 2+ content for lategame
  • Mirkotoscano


    a classic video to avoid the "fear bubble moment".
    Interesting the moment when you push any two from bubble. I use to be more conservative, and prob i was wrong.
    I'll try to switch my attitude.
  • Lamapalooza


    Very nice videos! Learnt a lot about the thoughts behind pushing or folding, which is nice :).
  • alberts1955


    nice video.
    liked the pushes, learned lots of things :)
  • anelka2k2


    hi chenny, nice work. only one thing wasnt clear to me, u calculated ur potodds so confident that im still confused. its the last hand where u need to call 1375 for a pot of 2675, and not as u calulated 4050, i mean ur money isnt in yet, why do u calculate this way? thx for answering
  • anelka2k2


    i figured it out by myself, its the same result, only a different way.
    keep it up
  • thebighulk


    Nice vid.
    Could you say something about the stats you use for sngs next time?

    min 24 (bottom left), do you realy think k2off is a push? For me its a clear fold.

    First you have pushed several times before.
    Both blinds are fish so they´ll call far to loose. I did not calculate exactly but i think the cut off will blind out first(at least when the blinds raise to 300/600 in the next two orbits)
  • m213ti


    2:45 Why did you fold with KJo? Why not to push there?
    ICM suggests 57.2%, 22+ Ax+ K2s+ K3o+ Q2s+ Q8o+ Q6o J2s+ J8o+ T2s+ T8o+ 95s+ 97o+ 85s+ 87o 74s+ 64s+ 53s+ 43s
  • chenny8888


    Oops m213ti, you're right
  • ex6tence


    I dont really get what u said about bad call with AJs when 7blinds left, and the bigstacker is shoving a lot. Are You saying that if You read the OPP well and understand that he's shoving with any2, You still have to fold the best hand like AJs, just to survive the bubble and get ITM and probably lose the opportunity take the first place cuz of blind size ? I doubt it's +EV if You compare how much You get for the first place and 3rd... Or am I wrong ?
  • chenny8888


    @ex6tence: once you get ITM you can still try for first. Problem is just the huge jump between 4th place and 3rd place. You can't ignore it and thus you have to fold the best hand often
  • Varunklis


    useless video ... when i have looked how u beat the game in pokerstars ;/
  • valentinmarx


    very nice video, thx!
  • MojaDunja


    nice video. ty chenny
  • zabak66


    gj, dont you think that sometimes on the bubble its better to min raise esp. when the blinds are big rather than overshoving? Some of these players dont really understand ICM so they call you light.
  • maythany


    at 26:36 when you're talking about the k2o push on the button, would it not be better if we folded this hand and pushed 100% on Klamox?

    It's really a battle between you and him right? Even if you win with k2o, you're still on the bubble, but if you push on klamox (he calls) and you win, the bubble will be effectively over because he'll have less than 1bb.
  • chenny8888


    @17: agreed, K2o was a bit thin there. I wouldn't push ATC on the CO though, we can let the bigstacks push on him