Exploitative vs Unexploitable Play

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In his first video for PokerStrategy.com James Keys talks about exploitative vs unexploitable play in MTTs.


Theory Video

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  • Huckebein


  • Truthans


    Interesting stuff. Looking forward to see more.
  • voodoo69


    водворетраванатраведрова =)
  • serval1980


    should be great to vocalize a little bit... interesting video anyway! thx
  • Tsitsulina


    аж глаз задергался от напряжения мозгов =)
  • wool85


    Interesting stuff, very nice for your first video. Just watched it twice and I think it helped me quite a bit.

    But: It's not always easy to understand you. So, especially as the english community is mostly not native english, you should talk a bit slower. Plus you should change your mic imho.
  • sinhrofaz


    omg. ничего не понятно =)
  • nearr


    :D цыгана напомнил из большого куша "них... не понятно что говорит"
  • Gilder1987


    OMG try to speak slowly :D
  • spl4t


    liked it too, but it would be much more enjoyable if you´d speak a little slower and used a better microphone :)
  • Chuckey


    great material. thanks for the insight. got to think about this!
  • Bew4reOfn4p


    maybe u might be wanting to pronounce a bit clearer cos ur a bit hard to understand for non-native speakers as i imagine, which is a pity cos the content is good ;)
  • TwiceT


    hey coach!

    great topic, nice vid. def worth watching even for me.

    just wanted to mention 1 thing in particular: liked your style of coaching in this vid a lot. not much "mindlessly talking about nothing". u rly presented the stuff very clearly and to the point.

    looking forward to next vids.
  • jbpatzer


    Nice one. You clearly know your game theory!