Blind stealing in MTTs

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Jonathan Little talks about blind stealing in MTTs. He reviews hands where he stole the blinds.


Blindbattle preflop thematic video

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  • CBFunk


  • Donkkk


    Horst heftig winning player #1 <33
    I just dont get the fact that whatever you do works, of course its a vid and you can pick out certain scenes but still, my thinking process is like yours,in a way at least but I never get away with things as easy as you do.
    I'm playing 10$-24$ bi's do you think that might make a huge difference, e.g more callingstations, more donks that call off?
    Obv that's good if you want to get value but since you can't always sit there and wait for aces you need to try and pick up blinds and antes at somepoint...
    Great vid anyway
  • itSmIn3z


    horst heftig die nit
  • JonathanLittle


    At smaller stake games, you should either cbet less or 2 barrel and 3 barrel a bit more, as people call once or twice more often.
  • aciddrop


    Very nice. I will try to implement this much more in my game. I have to say that my raises don't ever seem to get the response that yours got in this vid. Usually I end up OOP postflop. But, I can see the value in doing it as you have demonstrated. Definitely the way forward.
  • Bendiger


    anytime you put in a number like 880 people think you have eights.

    ??? are you serious?
  • Wills


    horst 0, johnathan 1 :D
    I wouldnt be surprised horst was taking your chips, but you skipped this one haha

    like usual, some thoughts of you are a bit confusing
    e.g. the last hand Q2o at the are so extremely active, the blinds got the PERFECT repushing stacks, so why exactly do u thing, they arent shoving quite often on you?
  • Wills


  • JonathanLittle


    I have no problem raisefolding with hands like Q2, especially when I think the blinds arent going to be pushing enough. Obviously if they are fairly active, the Q2 would be a fold unless the antes are huge.
  • JonathanLittle


    It is usually better to 3bet in position but there are times to do it out of position, as in the video. Good luck.
  • MuckiP


    What kind of MTT is it, what buy in? I agree with Donkkk, this doesn't work out for me like it does for you. How many times, percentage, you open raise? I mean, is it once an orbit or two, three times an orbit? I really can't believe how it works out...
  • Magda511


    Horst Heftig?I seeting a few times at the same table on Pokerstars with Horst Heftig. who is he?what ever
  • betstar


    @#10 HH is a member of ps ^^
  • Miloszpoker2


    27:54 i think that raise 97s from Co when you have only 15bb is v.bad
  • JonathanLittle


    These hands are from mostly $50-$1000 mtts, although there may be one or two $11 games thrown in, as my normal slate of Sun mtts, where I get these hhs, include one or two $11 tournaments plus a pile of large ones. I usually raise from late position a decent amount of the time. I actually think you can play more hands at the lower stake games.

    Raising with the 097s is only bad if people are going to push on you a ton, which most opponents simply dont do.