BSS Bet Types - The protection bet

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One of the most basic elements of poker is protecting your hand. In this video you will learn why protection is important, as well as how best to protect your hand in different situations and depending on your opponent‘s holdings. If you have any questions regarding this video do not hesitate to ask.


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    Error at 3:10. If there is a flush flop and you have none of that card, a random hand makes a flush 4% of the time. The chance of a single opponent having a flush are higher because he is less likely to fold a suited hand preflop.
  • Elroch


    Following 6:40 examples are given where the drawing hand is a favourite and says "as you can see from these examples, protection is extremely important". In truth, you cannot protect against these strong drawing hands - they can raise all-in profitably even if they know you will surely call). Protection can only work against a hand that is an underdog (or a very bad opponent, who calls the flop bet and allows you to make a huge bet on the turn after he misses his draw).