Introducing Unibet

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hasenbraten introduces smaller poker sites and networks, in this video Unibet. He talks about their VIP program, their software and anything else you need to know.



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  • daberndl


  • DANTE0071


    ХОчу хочу перевод!!!
  • PhilO61


    It is not allowed to play more than 10 tables...little mistake in the vid...
  • Luck0nMyWay


    Да Unibet Отличный Рум Не надо его рекламировать набежит гора регов с ПС и всё =))) будет уже не отличный :D
  • StefanR89


    hasenbraten you make it very good with your introducing videos from alle the poker plattforms
  • boygo


  • Titangizmo


    In the left bottom you can see instant HH, it even says so right above the box with "sit out" and stuff.