TableNinja for Masstabling - Part 1

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chenny8888 inroduces you TableNinja and plays a session on PokerStars.


Live Video PokerStars TableNinja

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  • CBFunk


  • M0lte


    nice vid ! :)
  • SirLuk


    are you a native speaker
  • PokerMokerMo


    TableNinjaFT- for Full Tilt
    TableNinja- for Pokerstars
  • chenny8888


    effectively i am. was born in china but I immigrated to new zealand at 5
  • RoyalHope


    What sense in playing SNG ?)
    Good video, thk :)
  • Mondkeks


    u dont have to hide ur chinese accent
  • Darkzzz


    hmm I might go ahead and buy this.
    I'm multitabling 9 sng's 10+1 now, and I think I could definitely do more.
    However, my plan is to move up in the limits. I wonder if I can 16 table the 50+5 sng's with a decent profit rate? Well, I'll just see it when it gets to that:)
  • chenny8888


    I'm going to say no. spacegravy tried masstabling SNGs at that limit and got absolutely crushed.
  • Proky11


    I really would like to see using TN on FT, its quite different from PokerStars IMO
  • Kongotto


    worst vis I saw last 6 months.
    prepare urself!
  • kammikammerl


    @7: I think it is impossible to know everything about TableNinja inside out, because it´s quite complex...
  • AssadKamran91


    you don't need HEM, but think you get it cheaper if you have HEM? not sure but. Nice vid btw! would love to see some 20-tabling of the 2$ or 12$ 180-man :)
  • holaboo


    Yeh I think at the higher limits ppl clock on to the fact ur mass tabling and have a very polarised range on all streets
  • SiKWiThIt


    I Dont hear a chinese accent lol. Sounds 100% NZ to me =D
    nice vid chenny
  • RGOD2


    Its a great idea , but surely these sites have these options already . Its great that he is trouble shooting aswell but to use this systems effectively you would have to be a IT head or else be fairly competent/ proficient with your PC skills.
  • ulairiiii


    not rally a usefull video about how to use table ninja.Chenny doesnt go in depth how to setup and use it and obviously has problems because he doesnt know(layout)