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  • sw0ldo


    donk afaik
  • DEVILazas


    i liked that one...reminds me mine long hors with none really won.
  • Talic


    Thats insane.. 3x times 4OAK Aces and a lot o wierd boards, this just cant be for real! Havent you ever thought about, that some poker sites really can be frauds?
  • Cardbender


    another good vid. TY
  • jmlane


    The call with K8 suited from the bb is surely fine, as you state yourself you're pushing any two in tht spot and K8 is miles ahead of your range plus the other play has a massive stack and can afford to lose.
  • nezinomas


    this video is good information too
  • MikeAK47


    Oh yeah, the biggest poker site in the world is surely a fraud! It happens! Just because it's unlikely doesn't mean it's a fraud. Don't you think after years of PokerTracker stats from thousands of players there would be some sort of pattern suggesting that it's rigged? And why would they bother rigging $3 tournaments? Really worth all the fuss and risk of getting caught over a 40c rake per tournament? I think not!
  • MikeAK47


    Excellent video BTW. Thanks!
  • MikeAK47


    I don't even bother pushing any two cards against the really loose players at the low limits anymore, I've seen them make some pretty crazy calls with hands like 96s. Usually just shove a K or better against VPIP 30 types of players, especially when they have loads of chips.
  • flamedragontim


    really goo vid. i like your vision on the preflop all-ins. like the qq, not slowplaying. very good

    greetings Tim
    (je bent toch nederlands he ;)
  • Voetsel


    Well played, I liked the video. Could you please however explain the TT insta allin against QQ? That seems like a minus EV move to me.
  • AGage71


    I fail to see why he folds KJ in the CO on the top right table (3minutes into vid) before anyone has even bet. And he ended up with a boat...
    Even with the late position open raise to 120 I question the logic of that fold.
  • AGage71


    Sorry, I meant after the late pos open raise of 6BB, I see the logic to fold, but not before that.
  • mouse89


  • Gutnik


    not a good vedoe, weird play sometimes... Russian videos are much better...
  • djbakero


    how much did you won xD
  • DaveX77


    nice video, thanks
  • tankabbott1


    if u lokk him up he has a very bad roi how come he coaches i wonder... ???
  • illcurtisthem


    how can you still think its rigged listen its very simpel and logic when you start the sit and go everbody pays 3$+0.40$ wich is the money that goes in the pot and the entryfee you pay to pokerstars so why the hell would pokerstars care if player A B or C wins it doesnt matter to them they always have the same profit
  • sharky92


    why you enter all in with 10 10 ?
  • pumahulk


    EV = expected value not Equitation value
  • nthuzse


    Good video! Nice thinking process.
  • MrGroggy


    First! gutes Viedeo!
  • tpoke


    After I watched this video I was on a constant streak of bad beats for over a week long :/
  • finsener


    lol@#24, this is really a bad video to watch in my opinion, experiencing the same
  • thebatsman


    Enjoyed this video..will look for more of yours. Thank you
  • mesisification



    bottom right table: is it a right move to push AJ or AT in that spot?
  • TightPokerPL


    Great material, but please if you record training than use positioning on the tables, because it's hard to watch where are you and what and do you actually have :)
  • dallis


    good video. ty :)