Before the flop if someone raised before you

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Often the case may be that you get a playable hand before the flop, but one of your opponents enters the pot by raising before you. In doing so, he indirectly challenges your hand. But should you do the same? But what if you get weaker, varied hands? How will your way of playing be influenced by the different types of opponents? And what is the difference between full ring and short-handed games? We will answer all of these questions within the next couple of minutes.


preflop Theory Video

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  • Titangizmo


    Interesting since you both cover FR and SH.
  • tvalberg


    Nice and helpful video, thanks :)
  • Akee90


    I am unfamiliar with the "stats", which are widely used in this video. Where could I find info on this?
  • CBFunk


    Hi Akee90,

    right now we are working on an article about statistics which will be released next month.

    You could also have a look at this video, which focus on more advanced stats:

    And there is already an article available:

    But it´s for Gold statuts
  • darkod80


    very nice video
  • donses


    only 1 problem with this woman. she tries to explain things too much using fancy words. using all these fancy words just makes you sound like a computer. you never hear her breathe or cough or nothing. be human, you are a woman explaining about a video no a machine programmed to use all these fancy words and etc. trying way too hard to explain things. keep it simple.
  • Ribbo


    donses, this was originally a German video translated into English. The 'fancy words' are likely just a result of the translation from German to English. :-)
  • ZerobeardII


    I wouldnt want her to cough all the time..
  • toske1


  • ilostmysoul


    Interesting video, kinda need to improve my play on FR :/ SH is easier