$55 Replay - Part 2

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Jonathan Little reviews his play at a $55-MTT.


$55 Replay PokerStars Session Review

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  • CBFunk


  • madein1984


    amazing how many pots you take down by reshoving...is this a recent tournament? definitely something I could work on. nice vid
  • JonathanLittle


    I probably took down way more than my fair share of pots from pushing over 3bets and also just 3betting. Sometimes you will find that your pushes never get called and you go a long way in the tournament just because of that.
  • MuckiP


    Wow! The point is, you really need a tight image to shove and resteal like that. I can't believe you don't get a call, you really never "run into" a monster hand, so I think you get very lucky, but of course you played it great! Especially the KQo at 19:30, wow, I really can't believe you don't get a call there... It's def a thing I have to work on, great vid - Thanks for that!
  • JonathanLittle


    IF you are playing tight, you should expect to get called when you push over a 3bet. If you are playing loose, people will realize this and 3bet you with air but wont realize you know this. Because of this, you can get away with pushing over their 3bets.
  • MuckiP


    Ok, to understand you right: you think that you need a loose image to resteal a 3 Bet with a reshove/reraise?
  • JonathanLittle


    If you are raising with a wide range, good opponents will compensate by reraising you with a wide range. Because of this, you can 4betpush with a wide range, as long as you dont think they will compensate by calling with weak hands, which the best players will do.

    In a $5000 tournament at caesars I raised T7 from hijack and Jason Mercier reraised to around 2.5x what I made it. I pushed for around 6x his reraise and he called pretty quickly with A6. So, if they will adjust, you probably shouldnt mess around too much but if they will 3bet fold, like most standard online players, you can push a lot.
  • TheRebuz


    88 vs 99 hand
    u say that this guy was tight.. so u r actually hoping for a flip (and hoping that u win that flip too) if I get right. imo that is leak cos i do the same thing over and over again in same spots and it looks like is not a good play.

    What range r u puting him?
    (imo 77+,ATs+,AJ+ KQs if he shoves litle lighter cos u were loose rasing and shoving a ton)

    practically when u win (suck out or win a flip) u have descend chance to win whole MTT but when u loose (which happens more often imo) u r pretty much dead. U have good stack if u fold and descend shot to win it

    Doesn't here chip that u loose count more (have more value)then chips that u might win win?

    What r worse hands that u call that shove in that spot?
  • JonathanLittle


    I would probably call with 77 and AK-AJ. Being left with 10bbs is never a awful thing. Also, the range you are giving him is way too small, as I have been raising often, which means he will probably push on me much more than normal.
  • TheRebuz


    i agree that he will push with wider range that normal.
    #1 u say that he was tight

    I cant find any range that u r fav to win with 88 (or with u r btn caling range in that spot 77, AK-AJ) imo ur call is basically ether flip or way behind.
    is that call worth risk cos u will loose more than 1/2 of ur stack if loose that hand
    i think that in that spot u shoudnt call with less then TT+, AQ+ (maybe 99 will be border line)

    p.s. thanks for respond and u make great videos, love how u elaborate u r thought process, well done ,thumbs up
  • JonathanLittle


    You realize if he is pushing AA-TT, AK, AQ, and one random hand like 65, I have around 45% equity right? We only need to win 40% of the time to make calling ok.
  • TheRebuz


    yea sure thats true, but that EQ staff imo is more usefull in cash games.
    sure u have a profitable call there on long run, thats not questionable at all
    the thing imo is that u will win 40% of time(and add increase ur stack by 1/3 u will add like 50% chips but actualy ur stack will increase 33% more) and be crippled 60% of time when he loose
    - for ex u have 100k, where avg is 80k, u flip for 50k and if u win u will have like 150k and if u loose u have like 50k

    so ur efective stack is still the same no matter will u win or fold, but if u loose u loose much more cos u cant bully, and u got to play short stacked etc

    i dont know did i make myself clear, my thoughts r that u would not get very often that deep in MTT so u shouldn't risk that big portion of ur stack (in marginal spots) CALLING OFF when u think u have 40% eq at ur best, when u have nice stack to work with + edge on skills vs field etc
  • JonathanLittle


    There are certainly times where you need much better than neutral equity to justify calling off. That being said, just because you are deep in a tournament does not mean you should fold because you only get deep so often. If a play is +EV, it is +EV. Simple as that. Also, I dont mind playing the short stack because I think I play it better than most people.
  • imgoingtomirage


    What do you think about being unbalanced in tournaments like this one? I mean, you have been raising with good hands when you don't mind calling a shove or shoving a reraise, but you openshoved with hands that generally are weaker and you want to maximize your feq and don't want to get called. Isn't that exploitable (raise/calling toprange and openshoving garbage)? Or other people just don't care about it even in 55$+ MTTs so we don't need to be balanced?
  • JonathanLittle


    While it is exploitable to only push with your weaker hands, most opponents will not expoit it. Also, I will randomly push with the strong hands in the same situations which helps to balance it out.