Bet Sizes - How much do you bet ?

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In the video about the different types of bets you learned why you should bet in different situations, but the size of the bets wasn‘t discussed. In this video you will see a few standard betting sizes and learn why size is crucial if you want your bets to be successful. The two most important keywords for this topic: Value and fold equity. If you have any questions do not hesitate to ask.


betsize Theory Video

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  • mTxFaT


    Quality video
  • uzurpatorius


    Enjoyed. I'm happy that I do everything right in my game, talking about bet sizing.
  • NoOneSpcl


    Combo draws... The video does not give examples as to how to protect when many draws are possible... Just that it's important.

    The problem then, I think, should be how likely a combo draw is... since protection against combo draws is not really protection... That is,

    any of the combo draws with more than 50% equity mentioned... whatever bet we make in these situation seems to add value to our opponent since with more than half of the pot he's profiting by calling any amount, and we're leaking equity by giving it.

    At least that's the math side of it...
    So how DO we handle a very high probability of combo draws? assess their probability by improving our hand reading pre and post flop of course... but how to react to it?


    Very good video
  • Harnas31