Crushing NL50 - Part 3

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In the third part of his series hasenbraten talks about further postflop concepts: Thinking in ranges, hand reading, way ahead/way behind and pot control, protection and value.


Beginner Crushing NL50 series Theory Video

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  • CBFunk


  • likemoredollar


    Nice Vid.
  • Fold4me


    nice Intro:)
  • SniperOFF


  • nacl


    The voice is so hot. The video is also great
  • seppers


    that is a pretty cool new intro
  • simply42


    Series are absolutely awesome, thank you so much for your time. Can’t wait for p.4, meanwhile watching 1-2-3 over and over.
    PS intro >> all <3
  • LGrant


    I am very pleased you have found it so enjoyable and informative.
  • Varangino


    Yes, couldn't agree more. Excellent content and presentation. Thanks.
  • Waiboy


    Any chance of an extended mix version of the intro?
  • hansbans


    intro pwns! thumbs up for #4
  • dannyf85


    very interesting vid, hand reading and overplaying hands is definatly 1 of my weak points, I must study this in detail.... Well time to play it again :D
  • z1pz0r


    "A system error occurred "
    "Error Code: NetStream Play StreamNotFound"
    I'm getting this a lot lately on Pokerstrategy videos, including this one. Anyone knows the solution?
  • z1pz0r


    Nevermind, figured it out.
  • kaletaja


    Thanks, that helped a lot!
  • Afvoerbuis


    These vids are very Helpful, thx a lot!
  • PocketAcesJohn


    Could we have more videos like this please? Very usefull series! We have to many "session reviews" and not enough tutorial/stretegy vids. Thanks :)
  • fruitcake1


    so this is Basic?
  • fruitcake1


    this is all based on having tracking software and doesn't belong in the Basic section
  • fruitcake1


    learn how to play before u become the ginsu master
  • Ave27


    Love these videos, love the intro and the slide show, love the speaker. very clear, and her voice is enjoyable to listen to. I learn lots from it. everything is well explained. i feel it really helped my game even at lower limits.
  • vupix2


    #6 +1
  • NorwayCowboy


    Great Video! :D
  • William340


    I'm confused. in the AA hand where the board comes QQ6r, she says WA/WB, where "he has at most 4 outs against us on such a board"
    what cards could he hold and have 4 outs?
    6x has 2 outs, any pocket pair (besides QQ & 66 or AA) has 2 outs
    any straight or flush draw would be backdoor.
    she then says if he has 5c6c he'd have 3 outs.
    I guess those are: 6s, 6h and then the backdoor clubs counted as 1 out?
    but she says 3 outs AND the backdoor flush draw.
    what am I missing?