NL $200 SSS Fullring

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  • xarry2


    FoldBBtosteal and ATS will be bigger next time :)
    When I made the squeeze with ATs CO had a 23% ATS btw.
  • jmaric7


    The best video that I have seen on this site. I really like your play and all things that you said. Only those poket Q that were at the same time I would do same thing - raise all in like on bothom left.

    Great job.

    Thumbs up :)
  • Davyder


    I have to reach Gold again, damn *g*
    Will watch that vid next weekend.
  • timukasr


    Great video, calm and professional explanations. The hand with ATs was cool :D Keep those videos coming!
  • Binarystar


    Great video xarry! Solid. Very well explained without empty blahblah in between - very professional. I also really liked how you demonstrated the calculations - that would have helped me a lot a couple of months ago ;).

    Only one suggestion: Higher limits next time :P.
  • Binarystar


    The session review format rules btw.
  • helemaalnicks


    very nice video, helps me on my sss game, as well as my videomaking approach
  • web


    +1 #7
  • xarry2


    thx :)

    NL 1k will come soon
  • wettongl


    This is (one of?) the best SSS-Vids out there - congratulations!

    I can hardly await your next :)

    Maybe someday I will be able to attend your Coachings.
  • Sip2


    Great video, xarry, there are everytging you need to know about playing nl200 sss (=
    Hope to see more,thank you!
  • smook


    yeh agree good vid! just shouldnt stop the vid in the middle of a hand =) kinda wanna know what happened with that set ;)
  • sm11ezor


    video is just perfect, absolutely the best one
  • Binarystar


    I just watched it the 2nd time (while having breakfast ;) ) and still liked it very much.

    One suggestion though: I think the volume could be a bit higher - I have to crank up my notebook to the max.

    And one thing I noticed: There seems to be a mistake in your Equity-Chart (at least in the copy I use - it may not be the latest version). ATs vs 14,9% (66, A8, KT) has 49,8% Equity, while in the chart it says 52%.
  • Sacrifice51


    Hey sorry, where you got this 4 Color Deck from ? I asked in several Videos, but didnt get an answer.
  • xarry2


    this carddeck is caled 'waffle'. just search the forum for party poker layouts and you will find some card decks, too.
  • greyboy


    Sweet sweet.
    Well explained Calculation.

    Definetly one of the betjavascript:document.getElementById('createcomment').submit()
    Send comment »ter SSS Videos.
    Go for more ;-)
  • DeKuip


    It's just amazing.
    Watching this video was the first thing I would do after I received my gold status yesterday, and it is completely worth it!!
    Thanks alot for this one!
  • Freo


    Great Video, i really liked it.

    But how did the 66 Hand end? Hey, you can't stop there ...
  • pokernrl


    great video, hope there are more comming :D
  • Blennus


    very nice video, i think this is, together with one german video of carlo the best SSS video i`ve seen....

    keep going...
  • kszpd


    Very nice video,thank you!
  • labinos2


    the best SSS video i`ve seen...

  • xJimJimx


    i have never seen a remotely that awesome video before. plz more!

    btw: i think the limper had Queens ;)

    @Blennus welches Karlo vid findest du so gut?
  • zazizo


    In the hand where u fold QQ preflop, i think u cud play profitable against villains range.
    By playing "stop and go" (flatcalling preflop and betting the flops that are good for your queens) you will make a lot of profit from the times he misses the flop when he holds AK or less(which he will often hold, compared to AA and KK)
    Your calculations are based on preflop all ins against his range.....

    Very nice video!
  • freechains03


    Grat! Nice Job!
  • Atnic


    must say i like your videos xarry2 you have a relaxing vocie to listen =)
    I have watch yours sss videos from brons-gold now and they are good . many many thanks ! and ill hope to see more of them thanks again
  • brunogalvao81


    Old one, but...did you win the last hand with trips? =p
  • pearlamb


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  • kimela83


    great game,hi everyone and luck