Blind Defense in MTTs

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JonathanLittle talks about blind defense in MTTs.


Blind Defense Blind Defense in MTTs thematic video

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  • CBFunk


  • ichputzhiernur


  • ichputzhiernur


    i think the river bet with JJ sth about min 23:00 is great on high stakes but pretty bad on low stakes.
    a bad player would never call Ahigh there and would more often bluff the river on his own with a busted draw.

    against thinking players your play looks more often like a bluff but still i dont see him shoving with a busted draw there too often.
    if hes doing it with QQ+ too (for what reason ever he checked the flop)
    i guess betting is the best play.
  • MrGroggy


    Jehr !
  • katala1977


    а на русский переведут?
  • TeddyTheKiller


    Min 15:50, would u not consider check/calling a normal sized Cbet? U have some SD Value with Khigh maybe and many people just give up on the Turn on those kind of Boards?
  • Devinco


    nice video!
  • Spockomatic


    very nice video
  • JonathanLittle


    I dont think the pot will get checked down enough for my K high to have too much value.
  • yurixdpoker


    Hi Jonathan,
    Thanks a lot for your videos. I can't understand why there is any comment yet, but your videos are great. I've been looking for a professional who explains his game as an open book.
    I've been wathcing quite a lot the world poker videos and you make an oustanding job! but it's only final table...and i like to see beginning of tournament as well. I think for anyone who really wants to become a good player...those videos are perfect
    Thanks a lot!!!!
  • honigmund38


    thats a really nice video! i think the most interesting hand here is the JJ hand. i dont really like to flat here pre at all, because u have to play oop and if u squeeze here u wont be given too much credit here very often so people will shove on you a lot lighter. do u think 3bet/call is worse than flatting here?
    i think that u could very well work with a much smaller river bet here. depending on how competent villain is in that hand, making a very small bet to induce bluffs works very very well up to 50$ bi mtts imo. a great mtt player wrote that and i think it can be a great play against the right opponent. i dont really get ur reasoning for not b/c riv in this hand with anything less than AJ. since he is not shoving here with a Jx hand here too often and his early opening range doesnt really contain too many 4x hands his shoving range on the riv leans a whole lot more towards bluffs, so why wouldnt u call with any J and even smaller pairs like TT-77? he did show up with KK here but this wont happen too often at all, so i think ur reasoning was a little results orientated.
  • JonathanLittle


    Squeezing the JJ would be perfectly fine. I think he isnt going to be bluffing too often at all, especially once I bet the river. Because of that, I only need to call with pretty good hands.
  • Pinocaido


    nice nice video!!
  • thebigticket


    really like the way how you focus your latest vids on specific topics, thats really helpful, well done!