Crushing NL50 - Part 4

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In Part 4 Hasenbraten changes from theory to some selected hand examples. He demonstrates how to use the things learned from the first three parts on the poker table.


Crushing NL50 series Theory Video

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  • kammikammerl


  • busulette666


    wo ist hasenbratens Stimme den hin??
  • busulette666


  • CBFunk



    the voice you hear is LGrant
  • Sopranka


    Ребят а почему бы не перевести все его видио на тему Крашинг нл50 ? ОДно но, видео достаточно старое , там стои август 09 , какбе уже немного подругому играют но всетаки... Нл50 и нл100 самые популярные лимиты для ПС и они вызывают больше всего вопросов и видео тематических явно нехватает, так что думаю перевод этих видео на русский будет хорошей идеей
  • whiteLake84


    This is good guys! Thumbs up!
  • playslayer


    the speaker is like eminem,
    she says so quickly
  • SpiderZorro


    Nice video, indeed!
    Is Lisa Grant a prof. pokerplayer? Who (if not a good player) could speak so fast and seems to be so competent?
    For germans it´s hard to follow the superfast-gb-english, but i like it!
  • kammikammerl


    For Germans the series also exists in German and it was dubbed by our nice education lady Lisa "LGrant" ;-)
  • SpiderZorro


    thanks, i enjoy listing to her perfect english. She must be a great player!
  • calldark


    I prefer it when Hasenbraten narrates
  • Zemnieks11


    actually good video, thanks and waiting for next one
  • Varangino


    Can you guys stop whingeing please? Lisa does a great job.
  • LGrant


    Hello you guys,

    Thank you for your comments
  • Metaller1988


    Pretty nice video, the whole series is very good and one can learn a lot from it. Thanks for that, it improved my game significantly.
  • Maniatrix


    Where is number 3?
  • M1rCea


    at 35:25 why do we bet that strong, i.e. 3/5,15? I mean, most of the hands that would call here beat us. The only hand we beat that would call here would be a T.

    I don't see a weaker pair than Tens calling here, no busted draws, nothing.

    Therefore shouldn't we bet less, like 1,50/5.15 to induce a light call from the weaker part of his range?
  • M1rCea


    also at 31:31 , why do we bet so big? We are again getting called by the strongest part of his range, making this donating money if we don't hit the turn.
  • Harnas31


    awesome !