180man Turbos - Part 1

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In his first video for PokerStrategy.com Aaron Lambert reviews a 12$ 180man Turbo MTT at PokerStars.


180man Turbos PokerStars series Session Review

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  • Death8136


    nice.. gute erklärungen, verständliche stimme.. freue mich auf mehr :]
  • Genius91


    keep it up , nice job
  • J4cK90


    Schönes Video, finds auch gut mal bisl 180er Turbo Content zu bekommen, weiter so
  • Vip69Crown


    nice video ! <3
  • Asaban


    Nice vid - finally some MTSNG Turbo content. The spots are quite nice and the explanations are easy to follow. Also nice voice volume.

    Some questions:

    1.) open limp pockets 5"
    Don't you think that your hand is kinda faced up when open limping pockets? Even your open minraise with 33 is not much better imo. Didn't see that you balance your open limping range at any point. So hitting a set should be kinda obvious to your opponents.

    2.) potmanagement 25"
    Hitting two pair on the flop, having some draws out and being 3handed - don't you think a bigger bet on the flop would be more appropiate?

    First point is protecting your hand against draws and getting opponents to make wrong decisions with their draws.

    Second - and imo more important point is potmanagement. You are hitting a premium flop and are obv not able to get your chips in until the river. So you are missing out a few hundred chips which is kinda important. If you just manage the pot better you get all of your chips easily in without overbetting anything.

    3.) M-concept
    You were talking about using a concept of "true big blinds". Why don't you use the similar M-concept which should be a little more exact and more common? Any advantage of your system or just a personal preference?

    Thank you in advance!
  • Tenebrus


    Nice Video, unfortunately not so many interesting spots. I think you should talk about spots which could occur, like min 36:00 whis JJ what would you do if the limper reraise all in, call sucks against someone who havent played a hand in 26 hands but why he should play AA, KK like this, he could also play AK, AQ and low pockets like this, so call...
    Its only released for silver members but the learning effect would be higher if you do so,I guess.
    Nevertheless nice video!
  • s6thomas


    well done, i like it...
  • TexasBluff24


    thank you for the 180 video, was waiting for that for a long time... do you also play the 45 man turbos on Stars? would be nice to see vids from that too. This is not only for Aaron now, but for pokerstrategy in general, can you please do vids on the 45 man sngs or the 180s?? Why is this part so neglected?
  • Chuckey


    thanks alot =],

    its good actually that you talk about little aspects from your point of view, like how you are interested in one players range and how you get to guess that range in detail. (stats, replayer, stacksize, hands before)

    or the 2.32 preflop betsize! good thoughts

    hope to see more works of you
  • smokinnurse


    nice vid, but I'd prefer a review - more focussed on interesting spots
  • AaronLambert


    ty for your kind words. I just like thinking outside the box and maybe it helps to give me a little edge?!? Never know
  • JustgAMblin


    nice job
  • qnb07


    awesome video. can't wait for the next ones. i've tried playing these tourneys myself but never really got far. hopefully these vids will change that :D
  • AaronLambert


    gnb I'd suggest putting in volume and playing for the win. If you are able to do that you should be successful in these tournaments.
  • Hergen13


    nice vid, but i think you overrate the validity of your stats on players you have like 20-30 hands from. as a cashgame player i shudder seeing you look for a fold to 3bet value based on 3 situations at most.
  • KingJoe75


    Congratulations: The vid was nearly pefect!

    1. question:
    In early stage: What do you do normaly when you were the original open raiser and you hit top pair good kicker on dry flop and your opponent raises your cbet on flop. Do you go broke with top pair?

    2. where can I get information about pushing ranges depending on the position at the table? You talked about your UTG ranges, but I am also interested about MP and LP.
  • HariRadovan


    You played very solid and the vid was interesting to watch. Good job!
  • RreinerR


    nice pseudo-content...

    but it may be interesting for people who haven´t dealt with these tournaments before.
  • gogenozersk


    Блин то что надо, ждем продолжения. Очень крутой тренер без аналогов в русском комъюнити.
  • RreinerR


    1. In most cases you will. You start with 75BB and lvl2 its 50BB. You must have a very specific read to fold TPTK.

    2. MP and LP ranges are very dependant on your opponents` stacks and looseness. Therefore there is no such thing as a usual range. Even in midlvls.
  • jmaric7


    Great video. Keep up like this (good work).
    Can you please tell me what tool you use to record video.

  • drawback


    thanks, it's a nice vid. waiting for the next part :)
  • snowbe


    Очень хотелось бы перевода данного ВОДа...
    Это несбыточная мечта? =)
  • TeddybaermitHolzgewehr


    Good basic video for beginners, but nothiing advanced.
  • Miloszpoker2


    good job :)
  • Orator001


    досмотрел до 16 минуты, потом видео перестало грузиться. В чем дело?
    Насчет перевода и продолжения +1
  • sirilidion


    if looking for making these marginal + EV calls do you have to take into account giving up equity you could have been making with pushing with fold equity and calling with a larger edge?
  • sirilidion


    Is there much difference in you're play playing the $ 12 180 man or the $ 36 180 man because as I can tell have playing them both the $ 36 more people tend to play tighter early on. Also how do you adept to a field where many players play a tagish style?
  • sirilidion


    in the hand where you had AK with blinds of 75/150 and the bb had a little less then 900 making it 3 bb there seems like a pretty exploiteble move to me since you normally will probably be shoving with less the 10 bb. Do you do this only against fish that won't pay attention to this or is this you're normal line and if so why and how are you balancing that then? also making it that big don't you give the bb he doesn't have foldequity anyway because you raised to an amount that makes you potcommited anyway if he shoves over you.
  • sirilidion


    you minraise small pockets early in the game what else do you do this with because it seems a exploiteble move for reg if you don't balance it.
  • celerone21


    Да, что бы поднять БР турбо 180 самое то. Вот только мне тема стола не нравиться.
  • DickPanhandler


    do you always push AJo utg with 10 (true) bb's? seems pretty close to me...
  • gonepoker


    Very informative video impatiently waiting for 2nd:) Thanks.
  • AaronLambert


    I use Camtasia Studios to make the videos...

    Sirilidion... Yes I do take in account my stack when making slight +ev stacks. Maybe not as much as the next guy because ultimately I play for the win but it is still a factor and may tighten up my calling range a bit.

    Surprisingly I think the 36s and 12s play so close that I make no adjustments. I'm sure it may just be variance but I have a higher ROI playing the 36s than the 12s. It may have slightly tougher opponents.
  • AaronLambert


    Sirilidion... Yes I do take into account my opponent. If I recognize them to be a solid reg. I would just be open shoving. In this instance he was an unknown.

    Actually never thought about it. I only do this with small pairs or maybe AQ. I think I would be better off limping and not letting my hand be so transparent.

    Thanks gone poker Glad you enjoyed it!
  • Motaro42


    #3 +100 хочу перевод
  • AaronLambert


    Hey guys sorry for taking so long to respond... I'll begin by saying I only comprehend English so I'm sorry in advance :(
  • AaronLambert


    1) Yes I am also going to be open limping AA KK looking to induce the raise as well. So most of the time yes, I'll be pretty passive but in the early stages if you hit a set you are almost certain to stack your opponent.

    2)Good idea, I prefer to give an opponent an option of trying to raise on the flop. Overbetting eliminates most of their fold equity so keeping the bet around 50-60% of the pot ensures to give them teh option of raising which would be great for my hand here. I may not have been paying attention to the stack sizes in this spot. If you can bet a percentage of a persons stack on a flop that you want to stack off with I'd say 15% seems to be perfect. On the turn you can get 30-35% more and then the rest on the river.

    3) I prefer the true BB system as soon as I was taught it. In turbos you need to be comfortable playing a little shorter and this system allows for a little more play when you get short. They are both very comparable. I would say the difference would be like buying an apple. Some prefer red ones some prefer green ones. Corny I know.
  • AaronLambert


    yes, the JJ spot would be interesting if he elected to shove but when he limps from late to middle position it isn't so likely but I have seen that happen before. But of course with my bet sizing I pretty much committed myself which is fine it makes the play pretty standard there.
  • AaronLambert


    Yes, Texas I play the 45s as well. They have a little added focus on survival in comparison to the 180s. I have done a series on the 45s in the past so I may do one again in the near future.
  • AaronLambert


    ty for your input smokin I'll keep that in mind in the future.
  • AaronLambert


    Good point Hergen. And I agree fully. Generally I have quite a bit of hands on my opponents but at the time of this video I don't really put in too much volume.

    I generally like to have 30 hands to get a good idea on the type of player in terms of looseness or tightness but even then someone could be card dead or on a heater.
  • AaronLambert


    1) That would depend on the player. With no reads I generally would because you'd be shocked how often someone shows up with some real junk. People have a ton of gamble in the early stages so I would account bluffing to a larger % of their range.

    2) I think on the next part of my series I discuss the late position shoves so keep your eye open for part 2.
  • AaronLambert


    I'd be lying if I said these tournaments were super interesting.

    1) I looked at the 15 minute mark but couldn't find what spot you are talking about.

    2) Good point I made a video for that particular topic. Discussing the optimal stack sizes to shove on and other factors that help determine a shoving range (opponents, bubble, your image, exc.)
  • AaronLambert


    AJo UTG with Ten true BBs is the bottom of my range but in my range never-the-less.

    So yes I will always be shoving there.
  • AaronLambert


    Thanks to the others with the kind words. Very much appreciated!
  • riverprayer


    That was one nice VOD! I do love it! So keep it coming, plz.
  • gogenozersk


    AaronLambert continue pls) thats very good, not analog in Rus or Ger Community
  • smokinnurse


    wow, what a detailed reply
  • AaronLambert


  • AaronLambert


    ty guys for the kind words!
  • mustodont


    Aaron, is it ok for you, when stats goes to zero, after you change table?
  • veriz


    How many tables do you play usually?
  • veriz


    Nevermind, got the answer. :P
  • bankrollmanagment


    What program do you use to those extra tables with stats by players? It is free?

    cool vid. need to see more :)
  • melle2704


    nice job, nice vid! and the detailed reply is the nuts Aaron, go ahead with that
  • AaronLambert


    I use Holdem Manager it does cost money but is well worth it. I'd suggest spending the money to buy it (around $80 I believe) but you can try it out for free to see if it is worth it.
  • AaronLambert


    haha, thanks guys. I value your input and questions!
  • gonnagetya


    Thanks for the great video, Aaron.

    Just one suggestion:

    Minute 31 where you hold AT against a UTG PF shove.

    Even though villain seemed to be tighter in his PF-Range,... he has a 5BB Stack left and I think ATo is an easy reshove here. Did you miss that he's a small stack?



    18:22 - right side table
    You bet in UTG with "10 hearts 10 spades" and then the flop comes 4 5 J all diamonds...you not only missed the flop, but you also have there a higher card and a possible flush draw...Even so, you do a C-BET ?! Isn't this move against all that poker strategy teach us ?!
  • AcesBreaker


    Perfect video and perfect MTT concept. I realy like your play. Your comments etc.
  • pporsche


    Vou pedir ao AaronLambert para responder (y)
  • chopp1


    где продолжение, господа?


    oh..estás a gozar...mas sei lá como isto funciona..apesar de estarmos na versão Portuguesa, imaginei que ele tenha acesso aos comentários ao vídeo dele...
    Eh pá, sinceramente ver este vídeo deixou-me confuso...
  • pporsche


    No caso dos vídeos não traduzidos temos de ser nós a passar a info ;)
  • AaronLambert


    Calliban - I can't remember at what point exactly this hand happened but if I was up against one opponent I generally always cbet. Especially if they happen to be a very loose opponent.

    In these tournaments you have to take a little more gamble than you usually would in order to accumulate chips. It is a highly risky play but I've been making a move like that for years and have shown to be slightly successful with it.
  • wrng


    Very nice video, thanks.


    PPORSCHE, pensei que estavas a gozar...LOL LOL...Desculpa e obrigado por teres passado a mensagem. Entretanto, não fiquei satisfeito com a resposta que me pareceu muito generalista e por isso vou enviar uma contra-resposta que desde já te agradeço por "passares a info :)"

    Já agora faço-te também uma pergunta: existe alguma forma inteligente de neste forum eu encontrar esta pagina facilmente!? Eh pa, que trabalho tive eu para voltar aqui outra vez, pois já nao sabia em que video tinha comentado!!


    Hi Aaron.Thanks very much for your answer. The "exact point" happens in minute 18:22 (how I referred in my initial question...) Please fast forward to that minute and listen to your own words :)
    It's not exactly about what you do,more to what you do say!
    I understand you have to play more loose...You said something very useful to me, "the larger the field,the looser you should play". That I understand and agree, but I don't understand you advice about the possibility of limping under the 13 BB, instead of the adviced PS option: push or fold!
    Please explain me this! Should I ignore these PS rules for larger fields, is that it ?! If that so, when should I find myself in the push/all in stage?
    I want to improve, I want to become a pro, but it's not so rare that I come across these contradictions on this school and that makes me frustrated and sad...I start to doubt everything...
    Thanks a lot for your help here.
  • pporsche


    Não tens de agradecer;)

    Estamos por cá para isso mesmo.

    Podes sempre usar por exemplo o google reader com um rss feed para saberes se o vídeo foi comentado.

  • AaronLambert



    The one thing I think you miss in this spot is my particular opponent and his stats. Over a decent sample I had him playing at 80 vpip 0 pfr which means he's playing 80% of his hands so I simple don't give him much credit or competence in this spot.

    You seem to understand the game well so I wouldn't beat yourself up about this because if I had a solid player in this position I would be playing much differently here.
  • AaronLambert


    Glad you enjoyed it :)
  • AaronLambert


    Thanks Aces I hope you get to see more of me in the future!
  • AaronLambert


    Valid point, the real issue is the fact that I'm kinda out in the middle of no where. If I was in later position I think it would be a very standard iso spot.

    But with the stack sizes behind me I hate flatting and I hate isoing with that many people left to act behind me. It's really close but with my stack size here I'd probably pass on this spot.
  • elrio


    Aaron! Could you tell me if i understand your True BB system?! Just te be sure!

    100/200 Blinds, Ante 50
    Stack: 6000

    True BB = 200 + 300 (2/3's of 9x50 -> total antes)
    = 500

    Stack: 12 True BB



    Obrigado pela sugestão, PPorshe. Já estou inscrito.

    Aaron, I don't want to abuse my time here, so this is the last question: You talk about the stats...I don't use any software...My simple question: Is it impossible to became a pro, whithout using softwares like HM,PT and so on?

    Thanks vey much.
  • RespectDaniel


    one question . why do u have on the raise button auto double raise like 343
    is there an option on stars where u can change your raise size ? nice video!! please more videos and also for pokerstrategy team please more videos like sng 45man SNG or 120man SNG 2.20$ buy in ! thanks
  • wrng


    Part 3 please :'(
  • AaronLambert


    Yes this is correct. In this case you have a 12 true BB stack which can be a pretty awkward stack size to play at times.
  • AaronLambert


    In this example the blinds are a little bigger than usual but it is a good example to show you why excluding antes from your stack size calculations can be a huge flaw.

    Thinking you have a very comfortable stack size here would be a mistake.
  • AaronLambert


    I use table ninja and I have it setup to bet quirky amounts.

    The reason I elect to make the 2.32 raise preflop (I tend to change this # around quite often btw) is because I think it is a way to risk less chips and get the same results.

    It allows me to exploit a little more of my edge if I'm keeping the pots smaller pre-flop. I feel very confident with my post flop game so it just allows me to keep more of a stack and accomplish the same thing as a 2.5x raise pre-flop. Also, when calculating odds and such it can be hard to calculate with the odd numbers so I elect to make my opponents think more if possible.
  • AaronLambert


    2.32 is the amount of big blinds if blinds are 50/100 with antes I'd raise to 232 pre-flop.
  • RespectDaniel


    Thank you very much!! We are waiting for the next parts!! GG


    Bem, 14 dias depois acho que posso dizer que não vou obter aqui uma resposta...lol
  • Moneyra1n


    на 11 минуте кол с A8s плох, остальное дефолт. в целом вод хороший, хотелось бы увидеть продолжение.
  • Kogtistiy


    Hi,Aaron :) I have translated your video for Russian community. There's a question for you from one of the users: "Why do you use modified big blind count and not M-zones by Harrington? Where did you learn about modified big blind count?"
  • Rossmerson


    45:15 at the right table everytime i make that move everyone calls and hits there draw so it's fun to se that it's actully working out for someone to make the right play :)
  • AaronLambert


    That is a good question. I play turbos as a larger part of my volume so I need to be more comfortable playing shorter. With Harrington's M you reach 10 much quicker than you do with the true BB system. I do like the structure of the M since it outlines what you can and can't play at certain M levels. But I feel like using the True BB system was a little quicker (when multitabling) and allowed for me to be a little more comfortable playing with a shorter stack.

    I learned it from my previous backer Collin Moshman and it just made sense. Before that I was using Harrington's M.
  • jass1960


    Great Video - thanks
  • AaronLambert


    ty :D
  • powNyamiN


    It's like whatching one big mind game. I really enjoyed video. But pro game plays ar slightly different from strategy we're offered to learn.
    It's just that you should write some articles about thinking our own way of understanding +ev concepts.
    I think its great to have your own strategy. I hope i'll develope mine soon :D nice job. really enjoyed
  • vla10


    Great videos!! (Part 1 + Part 2) These videos helped me alot in MTSNGs...
  • Zurat


    excellent video!
  • sonicwang


  • nnssoonn


    Nice video!
    MORE MTT videos for us who are silver
  • Pawelgracz


    I do not play stng, just mtt. Just started watching but I relly like your presise comentary and u r grate speaker, better then any pokerplayer I was listening to.
  • thebatsman


    Great video and well executed really liked the true blind system which makes so much sense
  • Horseshoe89


    any1 else having trouble watching this vid? Says error - net stream play
  • marcepoker17


    Gr8 video. I wanted to ask you somenthing.
    If you play 10 MTT, one table at time or 10 table together your resoult gonna be the same?
    Can you pay attention to all your opponents, if you didn't have stats?
    Compliment again on the video!
    Have fun
  • lilman2636


    excellent video
  • MindaugasP


    U havent played 180 after APRIL ?
  • xreactor


    Very nice.. where is part 2?
  • AaronLambert


    @105 - Nope can't play on Pokerstars living in the States
    @106 - type in my name (aaronlambert) and you should see all my videos and you should be able to find it then
  • matezz06


    great video! one question: 30. minute on the left ... your play with K5, you said you would call if he pushed his 9-10 BB stack - if I dont have stats, what is the bottom of my range to call it against unknown pushing player with 8-10 BB BvB?
  • aloureiropt


    gooooooooooooooo gooooooooooooooooooo