$330-MTT Replay - Part 2, 36min

  • MTT
  • MTT
  • $330
  • Fullring
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JonathanLittle reviews his play in a $330-MTT played at PokerStars.


$330-MTT Replay PokerStars series Session Review

Comments (4)

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  • kammikammerl


    have fun with Jonathan!
  • DarkZonk


    I think the KQs shove in min ~22 isn't that bad considering the antes.
    The effective BB is 250 + 2/3 * 225 = 400 Chips and so the shove would be for about 16BB. (Correct me if I'm wrong^^).

    I don't really like the Riverraise in min 24:00.
    Imo a K would very often bet the Turn.
    Furthermore, I don't think that Villain will b/call Kx on the River.
    ("If you want to bluff, you would have bet the Flop/ Turn.")
    The only Hands that will call you are Jx type. Unfortunately, you have the nut low J (against a coldcallrange from sb.. don't think that he'll ever show up with J6 or sth).

    You just do not extract any Value with raising and only get it in when you're beat -> call River.

    I guess, I would have bet the Turn for value/ protection.
    Now there are some draws out and Villain very likely has some Equity in the Pot (pair, gs, fd, oc, combos of this).
  • pokerjan


    Hope all Platin Member know what sets are and why they are betten than Trips.
  • JonathanLittle


    I still think the KQ is a touch too large just because the big blind may wake up with a hand from time to time and also, when the initial raiser raises, he could easily have something. I wish either of them had less chips.

    As for the river raise, it is tough to get value but we are ahead of basically his entire range. When this is the case, you should usually go for value.