iPlay Nanostakes - Part 4

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In this NL Theory video, Gerv is discussing the use of statistics and points out where some players are misinterpreting certain statistics like aggression factor and sample sizes.


Beginner iPlay Nanostakes series Theory Video

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  • CBFunk


  • rope4u


    Gerv er zit een klein foutje in de berekening van Emma volgens mij delen door 30 moet dat geen 20 zijn?

  • Gerv


    Klopt ik zie het nu pas

    AF is dan wel 2.75 maar nog steeds lager dan Tim - dank :)
  • rope4u


    Graag gedaan!
  • gadget51


    Gerv, is there any way to customize stats on HEM individually by seat (not position obviously as it is dynamic)? For example, I'm on BU I need to know the foldv steal/resteal etc stats of sb and bb, agree? I don't need to know this about the guy opposite seat on table. I need to know the steal stats of BU when in bb but not from the UTG. Am I making sense here?
  • Lumonster


    Emma's AF is not 1,8xxx btw :)
  • professor286


    good series of videos..these videos help me very much...hope next videos with saples will come very soon...you do great job Gerv
  • Gerv


    #1 Since my HEM is not reading positions realtime of me (that's to determine who then is on the BB/SB) I don't think there is something like this. Would be awesome but it requires HEM integrating with a .dll into every poker site. I don't think poker sites would do this instantly due the integrity of their website.
    I could be terribly wrong though :)

    #2 Yes i saw that, i calculated a different number so the AF is 2.75 but still lower ;)
  • TenZoSupra


  • pietyannick


  • supeyrio


    what is emma's hottness factor? :D
  • Gerv


    Since she can double form we assume that every number called x should be powered with 2. Since I think her estimated net worth is around 95 million pounds and some pennies, we are going to multiply that with the same number:
    95.{some pennies}² = around 9045

    But some will say it is over nine thousaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand ^^
  • tomahawkpt


    Yeah a small error ther on the AF but still a another great video.

    I have PT3 recording the sessions I play, but I find it kind of complicated to keep an eye on everything during play...

    My laptop screen is not that big, and when 4multi-tabling the poker tables have to be really small, and with all the statistics in, sometime I can't even see the betting sizes, and so I have then turned off :(

    Keeps those vids coming!
  • Gerv


    #6 the solution is to keep the HUD as compact and small as possible (like 3 numbers on your table) and then a Pop-Up with ALL the stats in case you need more info ;-)
  • SirPaulius


    good old days