180man Turbos - Part 2

  • MTT
  • MTT
  • $12
  • Fullring
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Aaron Lambert reviews a 12$ 180man Turbo MTT at PokerStars.


180man Turbos PokerStars series Session Review

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  • CBFunk


  • Oger88


    nice video, min13, because that guy already showed that he is able to limp/fold from CO, i think it is not that good to squeezeshove in this spot, because people who limp usually have a very strong range, if they raise a hand. An other problem is the person who called, if he is a standard fish, he will fold a lot, but if its one you give some credit to, he shouldnt fold that much against your squeeze noticing that this a great spot to squeeze.
  • gogenozersk


    yeahha) thx for continue man. VERY GOOD!
  • GutsForSale


    isnt that too loose??
  • KingJoe75


    Thank you for the nice video, but 1 critic:
    I really dislike your squeeze 3bet allin with KQs (very –EV in my opinion), I think that you are crushed by your opponents ranges and you can’t expect to have a big fold equity in my opinion since they are getting huge odds. (The original raiser is loose, but he open raises only 7% of his hands, so his range is quite strong and the cold call should be strong also, bcz he doesn’t have any implieds to call with a hand with potential. The cold caller might be trapping also.) I would have waited for a better spot with your healthy stack.
  • LeeLo4ka


    В игре было много минусовых пушей и колов. Очередное подтверждение того, что такие турниры затаскиваются во многом благодаря удаче.
  • gogenozersk


    great video, skilled + very good comments
  • gogenozersk


    ты в покер играешь, удача твоё второё имя должно быть. Вся эта теоритечкая херь это лишь 0 успеха ... не больше
  • gogenozersk


    "это лишь 30 процентов успеха... "
  • gogenozersk


    Сыграно стандартно, мувы красивые например сквиз на KQ, +обьяснение очень подробные. а то что дисперсия в таких турнирах высокая это ясно понятно.Однако пробей его график например, он показывает очень хорошие резалты и я думаю он уж точно понимает что говорит и что делает и почему.
  • gogenozersk


    Видео не бесполезное уж точно, особенно учитывая отсутсвие аналогов в русском комьюнити (что странно, потому что дисциплина достаточно популярная)
  • pokermasha


    Сегодня как раз появился аналог)
  • AaronLambert


    Oger88- Ya, I think looking at his stats (over a small sample) that he is probably only going to be opening with premium. For a play like this to work he needs to have 88+ in his range because the added equity of the other caller would then make KQs here profitable.

    I really can't say whether or not that is the case. I think this play is pretty marginal after looking at it.
  • AaronLambert


    But on the bright side of it, I don't really mind making a bad play if I am doing it while being aggressive.
  • LeeLo4ka


    Я говорю не о том, что удача здесь не причем, а о том что почти все пуши были минусовые по визарду
  • koentjen


    great video, made me realise i was playing too tight in the late stages and not knowing what my true BB was
  • DieLegendeT


    but eehm, you know ;)
  • RreinerR


    I like this one.
    Your PoF-Play is convincing.

    Two problems i see:
    You pushed AT for 15BB. Would you do that if more than one other Player on the Table has you covered? I personally don't like the AT in such Situations because you will be crushed against their Range. But thats just about 6% probability.

    Then you tend to seek for a lot of close calls. There is that 33 Situation, though i tend to line with you because of the dead money. And you mention the Q3s call of some other player vs SB shove. That would be profitable if he shoves at least 75% of his Range which is likely. What kind of Range would you call against a 10BB Stack?
  • AaronLambert



    1) If I had more big stacks involved I would not be shoving with AT. With one big stack I think I can get away with it but more than 1 and I would be making my 2.5ish raise pf most of the time.

    2) I think you would be surprised at if you look at the equity of some calls if you consider their shoving range and the pot odds you are given. In future videos I will dive into that a bit more and check on some ranges, equity needed, and equity against that range with Pokerstove.
  • gogenozersk


    Визард лишь интрумент , он перед тем как запушить полчаса обьяснял почему он это делает , визард тут не причем.
  • Sn4tch


    Thanks for your videos so far!

    I've been playing the 12$ Turbo KO 90s on FT for the last couple of months just like you as a filler and Variance Counter for my regular MTTs.

    Nice to see some strategies confirmend and I especially like your agressive appoach when the blinds and antes go up in order to build a decent stack for the final table.

    I've been playing at an ROI of 50-60% so far but I usually have only around 12-15BB at the final table, because I get a little too tight with the resteals I think.

    Well, looking forward to see some more vids from you! Keep it up!
  • MatejM47


    Hey i really liked you're first 2 videos and made me try those myself. But im wondering what kind of BR are you recommending. I know PS recommends 100BI but those MTTS can really get swingy, more so then 1 table SNGs.
  • AceGaylord


    I didn't like your play at 12:00 squeezing on mp1 who's opening 3 BB out of his 12,5bb stack with a pfr of 7 (okay, it is a very small sample size)~ i hadn't seen villains hand or call at the time i decided it wasnt a good play ~. But the way i see it KQs is really the bottom of HIS opening range from MP1
  • AceGaylord


    he maybe wouldn't even open KQ, so he's likely to have a pretty strong hand and he's getting great odds to call and almost needs to call, seen he's left with 9,5 bb en the blinds running over him very soon
  • AceGaylord


    your pretty much never ahead when he calls
  • AaronLambert


    I agree, but do take into consideration the bubble is fast approaching. The added opponent provides a squeeze opportunity. These factors can really help provide me with even more fold equity in this situation.

    That being said, it is very loose and still a negative EV play. I would assume he could maybe fold AQ in this spot and 88-TT which are in his range. If he does call I am well behind. In retrospect of course I wish I had not made this play but that would be me not liking the result.

    If he folded I'd look like a genius :).
  • AaronLambert


    I think setting a BR should be determined off of your winrate. I wrote a blog post regarding bankroll management that you should checkout instead of me just repeating myself :).

  • AaronLambert


    You have done exceptionally well to have an ROI of 50-60%... I do feel that is not a sustainable ROI though in the 180s and generally you will tend to gravitate towards 40% since that's what seems to be what many of the very solid regulars are able to achieve.

    I hope you continue to have success as long as I'm not involved :).
  • DomStar0


    Great Series! Finally we can see some 180s action at PokerStrategy.

    Mmm , i dont remember the minute but, u dont think that Q2o when u had about 2:1 to call (i remember it was 200/400 and u had about 5.2K i think), that isnt a marginal call?

    Like, you are getting nice odds but Q2? I think i'll even fold K2 IMO.

    Nice video, looking forward to the next one :)
  • AaronLambert


    It would depend on how much it will effect my fold equity. But you'd be surprise how wide you generally should call when you are getting 2:1 against someone who is so short that you expect them to be super wide.
  • Kulturbeutel


    Hey Aaron, really nice video although I myself tend to play a bit tighter. Seems very profitable :)
    I am looking so much forward to your hyper-turbo video! Hope it will be released soon
  • DomStar0


    Yeah, ive always been told: If u are getting 2:1 or better and it doesnt hurt your fold equity you should call any two cards, but i think i would be folding that Q2o.

  • AaronLambert


    I haven't worked on my second series as I am kinda waiting on a big result to come as they haven't been coming lately :(
  • BillClinton


    idd, i grind those 12 dolalrs too, and your vid is just great i think. Love to see more.

    i have just one remark as a lot of the players here. the qks, i think its a bad spot to squeeze.
    imo this is the kind of player that only raises arround the bubble if he is never folding. I even doubt he would raise aq or 10s around bubble. I know that thats a bad play, but i think he is the kind of player who does that.
    do you often see players fold there around bubble if you make that play?
  • ronekinky


    You seem so calm when you get lucky alot of the time in this video. That makes me think that its standard for you? I have played sit
  • BillH


    Great motivational video, I sat down and watched the video again before playing in $2.20 180 man SnG and actually won. Admitidly I played quite a few tourneys (29)with mixed results getting ITM on 2 occasions. What was different on this occasion was I didn't want to get ITM I wanted to win. Great attitude, looking forward to more. I just hope I can increase my win rate. I know you said 1/40 is profitable but it does put you on tilt a bit as well.
  • AaronLambert


    ronekinky- Yes, when you play as much as I do you tend to handle bad beats fairly easy. When you expect to be better than your opponents they tend to happen more often.

    Bill I got your message on the site. Congrats on the victory. It alwys feels 10x's better to win!
  • AaronLambert


    I do think I can get a fold here sometimes. How often... I dunno... I think it depends on how wide he is raising here.

    Also consider what my range looks like in this spot. I look super strong but I agree it is pretty loose
  • Njeng


    i also dont like the AT direct shove (though i liked the KJ one).
    if u think somebody might try to play his position on the BU in deeper stack play I just tend to make two rapture bets in a spot like this. u can still shove the river for potsize (or slight overshove), but rarely people want to invest as much without initiative when they are on a float. i think having the initiative makes up for people that go to the flop with pairs only as u will be able to scare them away alot on OC flops.
    probably one of my biggest concerns in this spot would be balancing. u have to direct shove KK/AA some times (and r/c stuff like TT, AK) and I dont like to built up as much fold equity in a spot like this with ANY big hand as u occasionally get calls from chasers or somebody is trying to float, which adds equity once u have it.
  • ZeMammuth


    Hey nice vid, can you explain on the left table why you called the guys push with a-9 when you knew you where behind his ranges?
  • BrianAlowin


    great video..I started to play these tournaments 3 weeks ago. I like the hands KT call on buttom to shortstack push..I folded these hands.

    Sorry for my english :)
  • AaronLambert


    I don't know the exact time but I don't claim to play perfectly. Sometimes multitabling causes me to make mistakes. And yes, I am multitabling while recording this video.
  • Kogtistiy


    Hi, Aaron :) Some questions for you about this video from Russian community...

    1) "KQ+ is a solid push, 100% +EV if we want the 1st place. But why play A4o in such a spot? It's basically a coinflip against his range (45%), we don't want it with M=6. We are on the pre-bubble and calling ranges get way tighter. And there's this guy SmartGeil, raising from UTG and folding to your push. You say that we have to plan our game - that's why I have two opinions and one question:
    1. You didn't have a game plan on that table.
    2. You can easily go on tilt as I'm sure this move with A4 is connected with KQ+.
    Question: Is it really profitable to multitable 180's turbo? Maybe 2 tables max will be better?"

    2) "Why do you play:
    a) Q2o - after push and repush;
    b) A4o - repushing and losing a good stack;
    c) ATo - push through half a table?"
  • AaronLambert


    If possible can I get the times for these hands so I can discuss it? I was trying to find these hands and I think I found 1 with the KQs 3bet shove but that is about it.

    I just know that I might be shoving ATo and A4o in a couple different parts of the video so I want to be sure I'm talking about the right spot.
  • ex6tence


    Hey, Aaron! Nice video! These hands what Kogtistiy are talking about are some bad mistakes, but of course anyone makes them especially if You multitable! I think sometimes You play too loose looking only on pot odds like how much chips You have to put in, ignoring Your stack size + Your hand strength like calling Q2o... Besides that I learned a lot of how to play turbos in different way - much more looser calling all in pushes like I did before! Looking forward for Your videos, especially to hear the thoughts of much more experienced players who know how to make money !
    P.S. Sorry for bad beating You yesterday on $12 tubrbo/180p, on final table, twice :) You weren't so calm as You were on video when You were out:)
  • AaronLambert


    Ya I remember it is rough time with some bad variance lately
  • jass1960


    Great work- thanks
  • v0lc0m


    TIME: 49.30
    Why did you shove when you knew you were behind his range?
  • AaronLambert


    I think he's a little wider than I suggested in the video after looking at it again. The stats are too small of a sample size. As for isoing I like it with the added equity of the blinds and antes here.
  • zaboo


    extreme luck here :D
    love the video, love the approach :)
  • Talma4evo


    Вообще не отчем( обычный стандарт и тупость...по моему мнению это так
  • Ierons


    Aaron ... un gros bouffon a qui on graisse la pate à chaque donne distribuées ....