O Canada - Part 3

  • NL BSS
  • NL BSS
  • $1000 - $2000
  • Shorthanded
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In this third episode of the O Canada high stakes NL-6max series, Somnius and Ivan delve deep into discussion. The 4 chosen hands include barreling considerations, when and when not to embark on this aggressive line, slow playing strong hands and disguising your range, as well as a multitude of thought processes that guide the decision making process. A bit longer then usual, and worth every minute.


high stake O Canada series

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  • kammikammerl


  • liafu


    lol - "it must be a profitable shove because if we check we loose always"

    i hope this was connected with the previous sentence that most people think that - but not you
  • Spitzbuben


    the check is ok i guess. but id bet always cause i float a lot on this board, pure air etc. and therefor have a huge range that bets the turn. if id check the turn id raise the river BIGGER. man ure losin tons af value there
  • abakusschwarz


    vn keep on :)
  • tweelingen



    First of all: nice video.
    I was wondering. What hand is the lowest in your range that you would valueshove? In the last hand of the video, where you had As3s.

    And what you would do if you had JcTc?

  • Somnius


    if someone thinks I'm barrel happy then JJ+ probably. If not then I wouldn't shove not because I'm necessarily worried about what he has but because they won't find a call with their likely holdings.

    With JT I'd find a check somewhere and wouldn't be betting 3 streets here with it.
  • BDog


    Dont like the AA hand.

    Why not bet-bet-bet? At some flops fish overplays their hand or bluffraise with air. I dont like tricky plays against fish, especially at these stakes because its not necessary and they will call us with alot or random bluffraise/overplay flops OR checking back rivers. At these stakes i think you have to take every edge you get.

    "their is no reason to c-bet here, because we are playing against to fish"

    thats weird isnt it?

    I cant see a better +EV play with c/c-line instead of bet, bet, bet-line.

    Dont like the 68s hand. I dont like bluffing with bottom of my range and I think his range is pretty strong here with calling twice at that board. Sometimes Villain will call because there is a busted draw. The only hand he could fold is KQ.

    Cant get any content here. I understand why this vid is for gold-status.
  • powerpouw


    And what if we had a boat in the KQ hand? 49:00 (or would we raise the flop there already?)
    Would we still be checking the turn? Just seems so wrong to do that with a boat with 2 more streets to go but in essence - checking back KQ or 44 should not make any difference.
  • Somnius


    we could still check