$330-MTT Replay - Part 3

  • MTT
  • MTT
  • $330
  • Fullring
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JonathanLittle reviews his play in a $330-MTT played at PokerStars.


$330-MTT Replay PokerStars series Session Review

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  • CBFunk


  • TeddyTheKiller


    I think the TT shove is ok, many MTT players call very light on the button there, maybe even with A8 or so.
  • HenrikX


    Hi Jonathan!

    Thanks for another great video, allways a pleasure. I'm a big fan of your stuff.

    About the JTs-spot 28:30: Don't you think nosegrabs raise is just a little bit too big? My first reaction was that he almost certainly has a big hand there, but more importantly; we don't get any fold equity with a shove. Flatcalling is of course not an option and I think I would prefer a fold actually.

    In any case, it's really not that bad getting it in with JTs vs AKs.

    Thanks again and keep it up!
  • Joakim


    Jonathan återkommer så snart han får tid då han just nu lirar på ett live event (gissa vilket). :)
  • JonathanLittle


    I dont think his raise is abnormally large. I think that is a pretty decent spot to get it in. Also having JTs helps a lot because it does well against basically everything.
  • kearney


    cant even see the hole cards... borders left and right are cut off.
  • HTM10


    and 88+,AJs+,AQo+(btn)
    TT has ~33,7% so I think its a good shove(vs. just btns range u got 47,9%). You arent that deep anymore and theres those extra chips in play.

    Great videos and book btw. Keep it up :)