The perfect introduction to multitabling

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The idea behind multitabling is easy. If you can win at one table, why not play at two tables simultaneously and win double the money in the same amount of time? In general, the thought behind this idea is correct, but what are the limits to this? What‘s the ideal number of tables to simultaneously play at? And what do you have to pay attention to when you select your tables? Playing poker at multiple tables at the same time can increase your winnings per hour, improve your game: If you get bored playing at just one table, your concentration might be affected negatively and it can dramatically lower the time needed to clear a bonus.


Beginner The perfect introduction to multitabling

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    ждем перевод :)
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    Перевод - статья про мультитейблинг в ссс для серебра))
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    т.е. для бронзы
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    ну мне кажется в видео было не только это сказано)) чет еще другое)
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    enjoyed it
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    Thank you!
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    And have AA in 4 tables and lost all 4 all ins enter in tilt and lose all money in all ? lolol
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    good video
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    simple but fundamental advice. great videos as always
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    Those poker software options are easy and really powerful.
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    Really good!
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    Thanx, good advices
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    im better to prefor in begining playing on one tabel only.
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    i wonder if there have been quantitative analyses which number of tables is ideal. ofc it depends on the person, but I guess it could be assessed what an average player is able to play optimally.
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    good video
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