Fullring Frenzy - Part 6

  • NL BSS
  • NL BSS
  • $200
  • Fullring
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ge5sterne returns with the second part of his NL200 FR session review. Again he dissects the mistakes he made in-game during a session he recorded for a live video but which didn't turn out as well as he expected it to do.


Fullring Frenzy series Session Review Titan Poker

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  • kammikammerl


  • ultrafastspectroscopy


    liked your vid pretty much. i don´t think that going in detail is bad, cause in some spots you mentioned you put to much time in your thoughts. For me as NL200 player these spots are what i expect from such vids. i don´t need the "hey, this is a good squeeze spot" because i know it already. so keep on going really deep in your thought processes since there is a lot value for lowstakes players in my mind.

    to the 84s around 55:00: i completely agree that 2nd barreling the turn does not make that much sense cause he is going to call all his GS/OC kombos. But in this case you could be either 3barreling to add deadmoney to the pot by 2nd barreling and collecting it with the third barrel or you bet the river quite small against all these OC/GS kombos which missed (AJ/KQ/QJ/AQ etc). Since i would not feel very comfortable 3 barreling this guy, i would go for a small bet like 13$ i guess you have enough FE to make this play +EV.
  • CBFunk


  • strannikspb


    It's really great that you're reading comments and make your videos better and better.

    But I really don't like folding straight.
    Let's think. Only flush has beaten us. Backdoor flush.
    He is a really passive phone. So he can call turn on a very wide range.
    He not thinking a lot and he will raise not only flush, but also sets, two-pairs. He can easily catch his set on a turn and slowplay it.

    And also, our straight is not obvious for him, so he's not afraid it, so his rasing range is rather wide.

    So for me it's pretty standard push vs his raise on the river.