180man Turbos - Part 3

  • MTT
  • MTT
  • $12
  • Fullring
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Aaron Lambert reviews a 12$ 180man Turbo MTT at PokerStars.


180man Turbos PokerStars series Session Review

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  • CBFunk


  • RespectDaniel


    good job !!!
  • LaimonasM


    # No1!!!
  • kolbaska3000


    спасибо за видео. Но, мало интересных ситуаций. Слева стол пушфолдный почти всегда получился, а справа нереально доезжало.


    Почему он говорит "shove" вместо "push"?
  • wormboy77


    Great series Aaron, keep the videos coming!
  • TexasBluff24


    nice vid aaron, can you make more of those 180s? I play those too, and I learnt how important the mindset is, to win those tournaments. Interesting to follow your thoughts, so keep doing more of those!!!! :-)
  • YMDie


    можно еще аллин говорить!
  • pinnryder


    Nice video!
  • BillH


    Again great series, so often in these coaching videos we don't often get to see a win. I also like the 2 table lay out during this session because for me at least, I can concentrate more on how you play at both ends of the tournaments.
  • Arthibald1


    Great vid, Great result!

    Did have a qu though. At 22:30, why did you not consider an iso-raise with A7o to the UTG 1.35 BB all in on the right hand table?

    Also I have to point out the absolute comedy fold from the BB. How do you fold to a 3750 pot for 350 against almost any two cards!

    UTG almost triples up without a flop!

    Thanks again for the vid, look forward to more!
  • J4cK90


    Why you dont activate auto refresh, so you ever know how close you are to the bubble?
  • androniks


    В общем отлично, но пихать А6о с УТГ на бабле это перебор!
  • AaronLambert


    Ty RespectDaniel cnad TexasBluff I plan on doing more 180s as soon as I can put in more volume and give you guys a different direction. WSOP put me a little behind schedule.

    Jack90 I don't know how to do that... I tried to look for it but I don't know if you are talking about table ninja or on the PS software... I would like to know how that is for sure!
  • nyehehe


    nice vid.
    this auto refresh thing is in table ninja-->annoyances-´> Automatically refresh info tab for tournaments.
    very useful :)

    what was your bigest swing in these tournaments? how many tables do/can you play at?
  • AaronLambert


    My biggest swing in 180s is about 2500 or so. Not too much considering what regular MTTs can bring.

    Thanks for the change I have adjusted it!
  • Preaver


    Great videos so far, I enjoyed watching them, keep up the good quality.
    One thing though, I was wondering about:

    22:30 A7o on the right table. I wonder why you elected to fold there, the way I see it you are way ahead of the UTG's pushing range and with a lot of added dead money in the pot I think I would have isoshoved there. Did you miss that spot or am I overlooking some key arguments for folding? :-)
  • vovkich1985


    Такие турниры играются на победу, а не на попадание в деньги. Поэтому и пуш с А6о из утг.
  • juno82


    Why didn't you comment on how good u were running.
    I'm not saying that u are a bad player,
    but you got very lucky in this session.
    Winning most of your races, getting dealt aces when someone else had kk or ak and alot of suckouts.
    In the end of this session you sound like it was all skill
  • AaronLambert


    Simply missed the spot. Good job paying attention!
  • Joakim


    Sometimes it's good to keep in mind that luck in poker is common knowledge. It doesnt always need to be pointed out.

    I'm sure AaronLambert didn't want to sound like he did it all by skill, but also with some luck - which is what poker is all about.
  • AaronLambert


    Well said
  • jass1960


    Excellent work - thanks
  • moerpho


    Great set of videos! Decided to follow your advice and yesterday I deposited 25$ to Pokerstars and started playing the 180-man 2.20$ S'n'G (yeah I know...bad BRM). Studied your videos closely and played accordingly. After playing 8 of these I've come 2nd once and won one! Bankroll now at 177$ :-) So BIG thanks!
  • AaronLambert


    I love hearing success stories like this! I hope you keep up the good work I just hope you don't bite into my EV in the 12s soon :P
  • ShermanOleg


    Hey, nice videos.

    Could you just explain me why exactly a raise from MP1 with A6o close to the bubble is good?

    Just dont understand why you say in the vid that you would shove every ace in that stage of the tournament.

    Is it explainable by numbers or some poker theories or you just generally know that its good out of experience?

    Thank you very much in advance for your answer!
  • ShermanOleg


    ah, and could you please post here your stats so we can compare and see if we are e.g. to passive or something like that?

    Thank you
  • AaronLambert


    Fold Equity can go through the roof if you have your opponent covered which is why with a stack I shove it often around the bubble.

    As for stats I play a ton of different tournaments and don't know how to filter in HEM to give you the stats that would be a good indicator towards 180-mans.

    In general terms anywhere from 25-15 Vpip is good and your PFR should be very close to the vpip #
  • nnssoonn


    I´ve had the worst badbeat session of my life this week - but these videos made me thing of something els :)
    Please do some videos on ordinary MTTs whom is not only for gold-members and higher. Extremly sad that there are so few mttvideos when I am a player who cant get a higher status since I only play mtts.
  • Guuruu


    please do more 180's!
  • optimusprime69


    Sick video brah, already have seen all your videos, (with other account hehe), they are the best in pokerstrategy
  • APTEM1980


    мысли правильные но действия в основном фишовые
  • APTEM1980


    не.досмотрел . точно фиш
  • BigAl123456


    Great Video Series...you explained everything so well.
  • Blackhorde


    in the Buble i think your Rais was more effective than ur Shov with A6 off suit From early . u Destroyed yourself for 2200 chips Steal Man :)