First Steps - Part 1

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In the first part of this Fixed Limit Fullring series Benido talks about the preflop play. He deals with the basic concepts you need to understand the preflop play and focuses on the Starting Hands Chart. Additionally he explains exceptions, talks about important assumptions and discusses some examples to prepare you for the preflop action and different situations you might face on the tables in the micro limits.


Beginner First Steps series Theory Video

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  • CBFunk


  • dusassusu


  • Benido


    Hey guys!

    No comments at all? Too easy? (Un)Happy with the video?
  • minoan


    As a limit player,i thank u.Always helpful remember the basics..
  • Azarelz


    Can I use this SHC for 6max FLH ? What adjustments do I need to make ?
  • Benido


    Hey Azarelz!
    Nope, you shouldn't use the SHC for 6max. In the next video (Preflop advanced) there will be a different chart: the Open Raising Chart (ORC). Just use this one and the additional charts instead. They are discussed in a silver article as well, so you don't have to wait for the video. The article is called "How to play shorthanded (with charts)". The ORC for fullring will be part of the second video :)
  • Rockynok


    Thanks for explaining how to read the SHC. I will play FLH. Your english is not bad at all.
  • Benido


    Thx Rocky!

    Since nobody complained I just continued and the next vid will be published soon :)
  • pkrmoose


    Thank You!

    Very well done, and I was suprised at some of the decisions behind playing in positions at the table. But you helped in making it make sense.

    Very informative and I thank you for your time and effort in doing these they are in my favourites for sure!

    and your english is very good, Kudos!

  • AllinStefk


    brilliant video and analysis on preflop play!!! nice
  • brydon10


    This is great, I will continue to watch the other episodes. Thank you for this series Benido!
  • rey4ik


    Thank you, Benido. Introducing a plenty of examples is a really good idea.
  • Ydobon777


    Hi Behindo! Thanks for gr8 video.
    1 question: do u always cap AKo or there are exceptions still?:)
  • fortunewheel


    where can i get the SHC?
  • nyjl


    Always nice to see new microlimits video.
  • SallyFratianno


    Hey, really like your video, just have some problems viewing it.sometimes display is good, sometimes only funny lines. Is it my laptop? dont have problems with most of the other videos... please help as i really want to watch your videos, they are the first ones i found which are really helpful for me! thanks
  • SvenBe


    He Sally, have you updated your Flash-player recently? I would advice to do so first as no other user reported problems here.
  • breezy10101


    great video. I'm a new player and this has helped a lot to explain some situations. like why i sometimes want to raise a hand i think is good and i just get bullied off the table by someone with a big raise and i lose out on the hand whether its good or not. Probably because i am going in with a hand that just isnt strong enough and i would know that if I was analysing the other player's moves properly. i will trust in the chart! 10/10 for video :)
  • danielebon


    Hi there! gr8 video ths!
    One question though (from a really beginner). You mentioned in one of your examples JTo... I don't see it on the SHC. I appreciate your help. ths.
    I love Australia too! :-)
  • danielebon


    I found the mistake! In the italian version, the SHC is missing few info on the mixed hand!
  • enashnella


    silly question, how do you print out the shc? thanx