Pot control in MTTs

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In this video JonathanLittle focuses on pot control.


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  • CBFunk


  • koplonet


    Нет комментариев
  • DANTE0071


    Конечно нету. Будь видео с переводом былоб обсуждение :)
  • Kogtistiy


    Дык енто инглиш-комьюнити неактивное такое - русские захватили все угодья :) А перевод может и будет, это уж как по учебному плану сложится и кому дадут заказ.
  • medved82


    Я х.з. че он там рассказывает
  • Pinocaido


    terrible audio, but a good video!!
  • pericas1991


    nice vid like always.. :)
  • Achovsenikizanjaty


    Короче он говорит , что ваще полный писец, все лохи а я Д Артаньян
  • lehtinen21


    the last hand of the video:
    why wouldnt you shove turn, because its very likely that opponent has some kind of a drawing hand, for example KQ of diamonds or 99 one club, where he has a lot of outs, and may think he is ahead, because theoretically you could have something like AcTh.

    Great vids, good commentary.
  • kingofACES08


    27:30 AQ_utg easy check/call???

    please tell me some hands he would prefer bluffing, then checking behind that u still beat??

    T 6s Q 7s 9s don t forget u opened from utg
  • gogenozersk


    Видео этого Парня пользуются явно большим спросом и имхо перевод етих вещей нужен обязательно.
  • gogenozersk


    Хотя имхо больших познаний англ. языка не нужно чтобы понять о чем он говорит. Имхо все понятно.
  • foruser


    че-то я некоторые моменты совсем не понимаю о чем он там поет.
    английский вроде знаю (
    не тарабанил бы он, а просто спокойно в стиле ДжонниЭйса говорил бы - было бы суперведь англ видео смотрят почти во всех коммунах
  • JonathanLittle


    I think pushing the turn would be ok but a lot of his range is 2 pair hands or even sets. Also, if a club comes, I can happily get away from the hand.
  • JonathanLittle


    It might be a bit loose but I dont usually make a point to fold hands like top pair. That being said, the board really did come out scary so I guess I am usually beat.
  • kingofACES08


    i really had some thoughts about this hand, in conclusion i don t think checking the turn is a real good option(not because we miss value, but information)

    1. let s think about a hand he calls the flop QT6r with, sees no reason for protection/bluff on turn 7 , plus bets the river 9(unimportant for what reason)

    2. oke he might not have 77 88 99 because he called the flop and he rarely have hands like AT/KT because he called an utg-raise

    3. reason for bluff induce:
    we raised utg
    checked turn+river:
    there is noway we have valuehands like 66-TT(riverplay) QQ KK AA(turnplay) KJ or flush
    so on 2nd lvl we might represent JJ AK AJ and he smells weakness

    i like checking with intention to c/shove (think it s the perfect stack-pot ratio for this line)
    otherwise i might prefer betting and evalued again, if he shoves

    !!!PLEASE!!! correct any of my thoughts and let me know some of urs

    thx for any answer
  • JonathanLittle


    First off, betting for information in nlhe is over rated, as people usually give incorrect information. I dont see much of a problem with betting the turn except for the fact that it basically turns my hand face up as a hand like KQ-AA. Any time my bet would turn my hand face up, I tend to try to avoid that, which is what I did here.

    I dont really like checkpush as it makes our hand look really strong. I think the best way to get value here is to just check and let him bluff off or valuebet worse.
  • IKSecret


    Very interesting video, ty :)
  • ineedtograw


    n1 video !!! Ty !