How to play shorthanded

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A poker game is considered shorthanded when there are between 3 and 6 players participating. In Shorthanded games, you have to use a strategy and an approach that are significantly different from the strategy and approach that heads up games require with two players or full ring games with more than 6 players. This video will give you a detailed overview of the adjustments you have to make to your strategy when you switch from fullring to shorthanded games.


How to play shorthanded Theory Video

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  • bluezorq


    Ist das eine vom Computer generierte Stimme?
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  • KindOfBlue


    Geil, endlich mal ein straighter Vortrag, statt diesem unsäglichen Holla-Gelaber (nix gegen George, aber die anderen Spezies). Bitte mehr davon! Ich denke, wer sich die Viedeos auch gerne mal ein 2tes Mal ansieht, wird's begrüßen ...
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    guys, english please!:-)
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    Hotte, seit wann verstehst du kein deutsch mehr? Ist Gibraltar so Übel ...
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    Hey! Wo findet man denn die anderen charts? ich hab blos ein ORC, aber kein "Actions against 1 raiser" usw. ?
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    Questions in English please on English videos. :)
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    Hey! Where can i find the other Charts? I have only a ORC, but no "Actions against 1 raiser", ...
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    What if you are in the Big Blind and there is a raise and at least 1 caller? I assume we would play slightly tighter than blind defence range because in this spot a steal is less likely but not at tight as the raise and 1 caller chart as we are getting very good pot odds?