$55 MTT - Part 1

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  • MTT
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JonathanLittle reviews a $55 MTT he played at PokerStars.


$55 MTT PokerStars series Session Review

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  • Riccoromeo


    saw the guy playin without hud, swithed off
  • JonathanLittle


    While it is true we may only get one street of value when we hit, you cant just fold AK every time you get 3bet, even when you raise from utg. You just have to be careful with it.
  • Gangstahhh


    and on 5:00 you say that probably everyone is not so good, but I don't think they reraise a lot to a UTG raiser
  • Gangstahhh


    What I dont get, is why call a reraise on 3:40, i mean, on this BI, and you raise UTG, and get a reraise from middle position, they probably have like JJ+ and AK, I mean there's no value left in playing, if you flop a A of K and he has JJ or QQ you maybe 1 bet, but if also a J or Q hit, you probably lose quite some chips, and if you hit a K and he has KK or AA than youre in a pretty bad spot also, so no real value and a lot reverse implied odds, so I like to fold here
  • TBPokerbea


    that being said :)
    nice vid tho
  • Thormtos91


    hier doet hij het gewoon
  • sweetluckies


    dez video doet het niet, andere video's geen probleem, meer mensen waarbij de video niet goed opstart ?
  • JonathanLittle


    While checking behind on the flop is perfectly fine, I like to bet those types of boards so I can bet them when I actually hit. Also, if I had some showdown value, I would be more prone to check behind but when I have total air, I usually bet.
  • madein1984


    33:56 why do you contibet on that board against the fish, who might even call or push with Ahigh or a Q on that flop? The flop hit his range so hard, that I would probably just c/f here
  • madein1984


    32:48 you actually got it in slightly behind...
    really nice video though, the most important thing I need to consider more in my own play is trying to put villain in tricky spots rather than myself (trying to be the one who shoves and adapting leading bets and continuation bets to this). Thanks for the video.
  • laimvai


    poker sucks
  • JonathanLittle


    I think you need to learn to play poker well before multitabling. That being said, if you are playing purely to make money, you should play as many games as you can profitably play without hitting diminishing returns.

    With 3000 chips left, I think calling is ok because my hand is going to flop well against his range. I am also getting semidecent implied odds because I can be confident all the money will go in.
  • Fox999


  • AIRNco


    7 )
  • Kartoffan


    Боря сделай для серебра плиз
  • Slunya


    Хреново я английский не знаю)
  • ronekinky


    Hand at minute 31, you have about 9000chips, you raise JTs to 300 in EP and get 3bet to 950 by a guy that only has 3000 chips left.(he probably has a strong range there) Why do you think thats a good call? Perhaps you thought he had more chips than 3000? Or am i just missing something?
  • knb22


    Very interesting and helpful video, as always. It's kinda interesting what you say about not paying good enough attention while multitabling tournaments. Do you still think it's better to play quite a few tournaments with a decent/solid game, not depending too much on reads, or is it better to play fewer tournaments while focusing more on player reads? I feel like in small buy-in tourneys with larger fields, you easily spot all the maniacs, and pay attention to the more solid players, while playing a decent game yourself.
  • enay


    aaa lol ya dumal eto nashevo community sperevodom.. :)
    can u do it for silver for 1 week plz
  • vmalischuk


    Четко по теме :)
  • ovski


    )))to 2 по английски пиши а не транслитом)
  • Scherben


    first one :)
  • enay


    dlya serebra na nedelu plllllzz!
  • allwillbeok


  • CBFunk