Byron plays SH - Part 1

  • Fixed-Limit
  • FL
  • $15/$30
  • Shorthanded
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In this Limit 15-30 video Byron Jacobs analyses a short-handed session played on the Ongame network. This is the first video in a three part series on this session. In the early part of the video there is a discussion of the use (and misuse) of statistics and the differences between trying to multi-table or concentrating instead on just one or two games. A couple of key themes from the early part of the video are: a) Playing strong A-x hands OOP. b) How to discount outs. The main theme of this video is how to pick up reads on opponents with very little information and then how to apply that knowledge quickly and effectively.


Byron plays SH Session Review

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  • CBFunk


  • ShatteredDreams


    Очень высокий уровень видео, с удовольствием посмотрел бы его переводы, в том числе и ХА.
  • tab


    nice video. thx a lot byron.

    question: i dont get the point with beeing passive with strong ax preflop vs unknown.

    i get some of your points e.g. seeing showdowns, dont get in difficult turnspots, but otherwise if we jam it pre we can put villain in difficult spots too. is this passive play ur default vs unknown?
  • ByronJacobs


    Hi Tab, I prefer the line of playing strong A-x passively OOP (this is nearly always from BB, otherwise the raise to thin the field is obvious). I am not saying it is necessarily correct but the decision must be close and it suits my style. I will talk about this at more length in the third part of the series.
  • Sascha26


    really nice video, a bit more hands would have been good.
  • Progamer


    hi byron, nice explanations as always!

    however, i was quite surprised about the AK hand and still do not understand why you played that hand that passively! i mean its okay to defend this hand passively in the big blind, but this is in my opinion due to decept your hand! defending this hand passively, i would have chosen another decision on every single street!

    first of all, i would have check/raised the flop, because with AdKh on a 8h5hJc board against an assumed 40% button opening range you are a fivourite with ~52% equity! you easily can induce calldowns from A high, because your hand is decepted and the opponent may read you on a draw!

    now you check/called the flop, on the turn you concider folding on a second barrel! do you think that 39% equity is not enough for a call here?

    and on the river after his checkbehind: for me it is a clear valuebet spot because a checkbehind on the turn implies often a showdown bound play with A high or K high!

    so finally, my line wold have been check/raise flop, bet/call turn, check/call river! or just barreling every street if he doesnt show agression!

    maybe you could say a few words on that again! obv i am really looking forward to see your future videos, espevially the third part where you announced to go more into detail with this type of hands!

    kind regards, progamer
  • ByronJacobs


    Hi programer,

    Many thanks for the feedback. This AK hand is interesting and I will address this issue in the third video (I already made the second, but will make the third tomorrow). I am sure you are right about the equity situation, but the exact equity doesn't mean a whole lot if you don't know how your opponent plays. A couple of things:

    1) I really don't like c-raising the flop - this builds a big pot OOP when you don't know where you stand. Are you now going to fold if you get raised on the turn? or will you pay off for two more big bets with A high? I think that creates an ugly situation. I think the equity situation is unimportant as you are creating a spot where you will make mistakes for sure.

    2) Value betting the river is OK (I agree you are very likely best) but I also think the check for bluff induction is fine too as his range could be quite weak and he will be very tempted to fire after you have checked twice.
  • Ajezz


    I liked this video a lot.
  • Nani74


    bryan, whats ur pokernick on stars/fulltilt? i wanna proof that im watching a vid of a winningplayer and not another breakeven player like some of the other FL coaches. its no offense, just dont wanna waste my time.
  • ByronJacobs


    Hi Nani,

    I dont play on full tilt and I have very few hands at Stars. The screenname I have most stats with is BrianCohen at Party, you can check it but I dont use it any more.

    However, its much better to just watch the videos {mine or those by others} and then decide if this information is helping your game. Anyone can run bad for 100K hands so checking if someone wins is not helpful.
  • Nani74


    sry byron, u talk too fast. i cant understand you.
  • homiebd


    how on earth a gold status member has seen the full video! :O
  • emotv


    thanx for video Byran.