NL $5 FR Session Review

  • NL BSS
  • NL BSS
  • $5
  • Fullring
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Session Review Starting hand chart Titan Poker

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  • Nastypasty


    very unbiased commentary considering you already knew what was happening. I like the analysis of the hands, good video well done.
  • cannell555


    Nice vid!
  • liseiris


    totally agree with you nasty
  • nezinomas


  • dallievas


    Nice vid and nice format.Ty.
  • 098799


    more vids like that! nice one.
  • juurastaja


    more micro limits videos :)
  • mouse89


  • DevilishShe


    nice vid!!!!!!! more please!

    QUESTION: you are playin SSS? why do you have such a big stack?? shouldn't u be playin with 20 BB?
  • Vedm


    may be just because it's BSS? The terrible mystery... only between us...
  • Gadokondre


    Good vid.
  • c4lyps0


    A good video. And I don't understand how people can complain about the use of equilator, IMO, it's a great idea, because you have to learn how to put your opponent on a range and then see where you stand against that range. Thx a lot, hasenbraten.
  • usun


    very nice, using equilator is good!
  • Gabinr1


    Nice video!
  • Janusrichmond


    I heard you had some bad critic about Using the equilator, just wanted to mention that at least some of us appresiate it ( I do ). Your calculations are intersting!
  • deadForest


    first 4minutes was great, looking forward to seeing it all!
  • Ace8dia


    Great video! More micro stakes videos would be really helpful, also liked the format and the use of equilator. Thanks!!
  • tomek11


    Its a great video dude,thanks. Hope to see more.
  • september199


    Kind of a weak video..
  • gchain


    i also sink
  • Sinnology


    Great first video on learning BSS.
    Really nice,clear game, sorry for A on river in last hand, but it happens much to often, to complain.
    looking forward to see more.

    Best Regardsa
  • erickaie


    i aprciate ur vid makes a lot od sense and good explanation 4 beginers :)
  • eg271009


    Good video, was always in doubt on how to bet with small pockets , slightly painful ending with the ace on the river ;)
  • whizzkid481


    i like kit kats
  • ralphople


    sometimes, river kills. haha :)
  • nicksmart


    very interesting :) thankz! can you sent me a link to put it on my blog? Hug
  • roxanajiulia


    Please translate in Romanian, too, that video !


    Very interesting video thank you top stuff.

    Just a small remark on the last hand.

    Your post flop raise of 66. I would have bet the total of the small stack 77 cents. Most probably would have made no difference.
  • Pokrovec


    nice one! thank you
  • edzix10


    nice video, that im begginer, im like to watch.
  • passoel


    really nice.thank you!
  • dragan85


    nice, post some more micro stakes videos
    i hope you will have more lucke next time :)))
  • lcm54


    Very good video, I learned a lot. How do you get access to the equilator? It seems like a useful tool. Thanks ;)
  • SpillZzzz


  • Ciprianescu


    Super video !
  • PokerMister1


    Very good strategy to bad you lost the 10 10 hand
  • Virelis17


    Very interesting! Thank you very much!
  • genik1988


    this video is god
  • Langer2011


    I dont get the 52 cent raise... if you want a caller why would you overbet the pot?
  • mooheng


  • rudibugojno


    nice vid...
  • Laiskloom


    this video is good.
  • dacruncher


    great ideo. very complex for NLHE $5. What do you usually play?
  • scouseles


    many thanks for your video, it was very educational :)
    i could sit, watch and learn all day and night lol
  • pistal


    Really liked the first video and your thinking behind the play. Also liked the use of the charts.
  • badluck13


    I agree with all the strategy except for the re-raise with AK on BB. I think it is best to call there and try to trap the SB if an A or K appears on board.
  • RafalStruzik


    spox vid :P
  • Joelmilag


    nice vid..
  • jimmy99x


    Interresting chart .
  • AltarEgo


    nicely explained.

    good to see videos dealing with small limits.
  • DoodyGe


    very thoughtful analyses :)
  • ninuu


    Yup, good video!
  • split1979


    bom video, great video