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Markus of the development team demonstrates the simplicity of the Elephant installation. Get your free copy of the Elephant here:


Elephant installation

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  • japej


    i installed this program and its all running good, beside that after few minutes of using it i get an error saying that im out of memory (1GB ram windows xp) and the program shuts down. Is there a patch for this error or does it really need more memory?
  • lichnosam


    на русском бы еще!
  • jhustincase


    we also need how to make a nice hud for nl 6 max or fl ...from some of the best :D what stats we need its kinda hard for me to config...
  • StudManH


    What is Elephant for
  • CBFunk


    Hi StudManH,

    The Elephant is a mighty analysis tool. It imports and analyses your played hands. Additionally, it displays stats of the players sitting at your tables, which makes it easier for you to read and react to their actions accordingly. The Elephant also replaces our Texas Grabem software.
  • Lenildo


    Tem português não?
    Só mostra a instalação, não mostra erros que podem ocorrer e como solucionar?
  • pporsche


    O vídeo é mesmo sobre a instalação. A discussão de erros é feita no fórum.
  • gachux


    Elephant is similar as HM (holdem maneger)???
  • pabo69


    is it work on SNG?
  • Almonds79


    can I use this now?just promoted to silver so not sure
  • marekAGkowal


    ja nie moge ustawic hasła jak ten koles na filmiku w 2:30
  • AngryJack7


    nice thanks for this,very helpful guide and program!
  • mont77


    inserirli anche in italiano ..?
  • FunkyFTP


    I installed it, but it doesnt work on pokerstars... It doesnt analyses anything and i dont get any odds or so...
  • Emanuellll


    TY pokerstrategy for everything!


    cant get elephant to work it says "please create a new database" username is elephant enter your password next but i havent got a password to enter
  • JazBenz


    I also need to create the database new again, I just uninstalled it and deleted the folders... I dont know what to do now :/
  • spnewgui


    good job!!
  • giobertotti


    prezados amigos tem algum material em português? video de preferencia? obrigado.
  • loo0ood


    I cant install Elephant without Microsoft net framerwork 4.0 full...
  • szaki7792


    thank you
  • nefasss


    what is the password?
  • crofever007


    wow. awesome job
  • nintendom


    im trying to use elephant and all seems to be working well i did all it asked , linked the way to my hand history and all. When i did a blanck message square appeared on my pokerstars table saying : statistics will be shown when enough hand will be played at the tables. One hour of play later , still no statistics from none of my 4 tables.

    What can i Do?
  • dady018


    this software is a joke ...everybody complain about it
  • kyaia



    FOR SURE! Every program i install at my computer runs and installs well at the first time. Elephant gives dousands of errors during the installation and i have the same system as in the video. Seriously what the hell?

    Fix this program
  • pafko23


    BS .

    pasword is too short !!! I try many times whata BS !!!!
  • SvenBe


    You can simply choose a password to your convenience - what exact problem did you had ?

    @24: you most like do not import the hands from PokerStars - enable to save the hand history and than select the folder in elephant to import hands from
  • AGM2509


    Por que vocês não fazem um vídeo em Português?
  • PokerBen1955


    What is the pasword? because it doesnt work
  • peldren


    #30 I had the same problem. In my case i have to use user name and password from PostgresSQL installation (i installed that software with PT3 few months ago so it was difficult to remember). The standard user name is "postgres" and standard password is "dbpass", the last line is correct (elephantdb).
  • amneeshaze


    I get error..

    FATAL: 28000: password authentication failed for user "??????????"

    What's up with this?
    Can somebody help me with this?

  • Holdemfreakie


    does this work with 888poker?
  • colossuss02


    "Error Code: NetStream.Play.StreamNotFound"
    What I can do?
  • Pocin


    FATAL: 28000: password authentication failed for user "??????????"

    same problem here, any ideas anyone?
  • lynius


    #31 ty for solving my problem with a FATAL: 28000
  • surfwell1818


    Is there any videos of the elephant in use? eg; at the tables?
  • sonnymeh


    so i can use this while Pokerstars is opened?
  • BRADYboy


    This is bs*.I wish i had read all the comments 1st before downloading this after watching a simple video about it,why do i get an error when i try to put in a password at the end for the postgre sql?
  • Erebus666


    it wants me to give the username of postgresql, but postgresql wasnt installed, the program never installed that so i never chose a username or password!
  • Erebus666


    postgresql installation never kicked in like shown on video
  • Avskum



    When I started the installation it tried to download framework 4.0 but it did not work. so I just downloaded FM from the windows update page, and then installed elepahnt. works like a charm!
  • simson500


    Does this program still exist? I only see it in older videos, but there is no download link in the download section of this site.