hasenbraten plays NL25

  • NL BSS
  • NL BSS
  • $25
  • Shorthanded
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Hasenbraten played a session NL25SH on room Poker and analyzes some interesting hands, e.g. 3betting from the SB and getting action.


hasenbraten plays NL25 Session Review

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  • CBFunk


    Viel Spaß
  • Psychobilly1988


    @#1: English plox!
  • DANTE0071


    Хотим перевод!!!
  • artwork


    I'm not gonna go like super crazy style lol
  • playslayer


    nice video :D
  • luvmeluvme


    dont you think, 3betten QJs preflop oop is bad?
    if the bu is solid he could call some strong hands that dominate you in position. KJ, KQ, AJ, AQ.

    wouldnt it be better with hands like 78s?
  • DrPepper


    Ein interessantes und informatives Video, wie immer. Allerdings möchte ich ein wenig konstruktive Kritik äußern;)

    Der All In Raise mit dem 9er Set am Anfang gefällt mir überhaupt nicht. Da folden selbst Fische nen Jack oder ne Ten. Ich denke du isolierst dich hier gegen bessere Hände.

    Und außerdem stimme ich mit meinem Vorredner absolut überein, was die letzte Hand angeht: preflop 3bet mit QJs finde ich äußerst fragwürdig. Das ist genau die Art von Hand, die man für einen solchen Move nicht haben möchte, weil sie zu oft dominiert ist.
  • mammamia89


    I would like to have your HUD-Settings. Is it possible that you upload those Settings somewhere?
  • HaensWoerst


    Hi Hasenbraten!

    Auch ich war etwas verwundert über den shove mit dem 9er Set. Du sagst ja selber dass da viele Draws ankommen ja und das sind doch auch die einzigen Hände die hier callen?

    Zumal der Typ von den Stats her jetzt nicht den ultrafischigen Eindruck macht.

    Vielleicht könntest du dazu nochmal was schreiben.

    Danke! :)
  • perperper


    Thanks, interesting watch, I had some questions pop up but you ended up answering them all ;)
  • simea25015


    Действительно, переведите пожалуйста.
  • hasenbraten


    Well - since its an english video please keep the comments in english @ all!

    now onto your questions:
    @4 3betting has just a lot to do with the very situation in which you do it. you can get into some problems with domination but its just a bit the same with QJs as it is with 78s - dont get married to your one-pairs all time. its simply more obvious with 78s as it is with QJs.

    @5 The push with 99 is close, i admit but i would def. do it again. Keep in mind we still beat all 2pairs and the like!

    @6 The HUD should be the std. HM-Hud and therefore is hopefully included in HM

    @7 Still - i see enough 2pairs (def calling) and 1pairs (might still be calling) to make it +EV!
  • ovski


    русское комьюнити зафлудило все коменты))
  • TDGfan


    Я попал в ВОД =)
    На двух столах сижу =)
  • RiPyL9


    много лишних слов
  • madhat


    чувак фиш полнейший, надеюсь встретиться с ним за столами xD)
  • JIuCcT


    хотим перевод!
  • Mondkeks


    hallo again, tchis is jschust a sechioon revuuw.... lol
  • Chuckey


    i love the last hand KK and your thoughts to it. very good job!
  • i5bet72o


    wow, u make poker simple compared to other video producers. I really like your style.
  • alister15


    Good video. I've recently been experimenting with calling kings and aces v 3 bets rather than 4 betting. That last hand helped a lot. Thanks :)
  • esimon


    Nice video.

    About the JcQc hand from 33:00, I really can't understand why wouldn't you leave it there on the flop. As I saw it before the show-down, he had a big pocket pair, which all had you dominated, or better kickers. I rarely seen believe anyone calls 12.xBB raise with less. Even KJs is very loose. You got lucky on the river, but pre-flop it seems very similar to your last hand in the video ( KK ), where you were trapping.
    Nevertheless, the video has some very nice insights I will try to get into my play.

    I'm just seeing the hand as a 3$ 1pair decent kicker loss rather than a 18$ loss over a quite big villain range.
  • Oceanheart


    liked that KK play, nice
  • h0m1e


    great KK play, I never thought of calling oop with them, sometimes in position I do so,and I loved your thoughts about it.
  • PtiiiPtaaa


    Nice one!

    KK play opens doors, very interesting!
  • AKM247


    Great vid, wp KK hand :) Cool delivery of your thought process etc.

  • riskcore


  • vibreaza


    nice vid!!!
    @22 - well, he did the cbet with TP, so, giving the stack left of the bb loose fish and the fact that he may be drawing alot or PP heavy and with the blank turn, that's a definitely 11$ shove.
    Dont think it was bad. Couldnt get away from it, after investing the cbet.
  • vibreaza


    @coach - ok, I don't approve so much with the calling KK oop vs btn raise, even tho that was his 1st3b and it was likely to be a bluff like Ax, you're giving him the opp to see the flop.
    What if the flop was Axx?
    I'm not saying that that's bad, but I'd rather prefer to trap with AA.
    Your case was a happy case.

    Also what if he would have 3b u with AK? You'd have lost value, as he might have x/f that flop.

    Just my thoughts, it's ok maybe to do that once in a while, but I woulnd't unless I do have some dynamic.