First Steps - Part 2

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In the second part of the series Benido focusses on the ORC and the additional preflop charts. It doesn't matter if you are facing a limper, a raise or have to defend your big blind - all charts are explained and further examples help you to understand how to use them. This videos helps you to improve your preflop game and is a perfect base for a successful career in Fixed Limit and even prepares you for a possible start on the shorthanded tables.


Beginner First Steps series Theory Video

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  • CBFunk


  • ThePark


  • bunjow


    Great job with this video Benido! You have clarified one fuzzy concept in particular for me, so thank you very much.

    I would like to note though, there is a slight error at 26:25, when the UTG+1 raises and there are 2 callers. I understand we should fold and not 3-bet (since we only have AQo and not the required AKo to 3-bet an UTG+1 raiser).

    It doesn't indicate that on the chart printout, but it does in the strategy article concerning that chart.

    Looking forward to your post-flop series. In particular, playing marginal hands and/or overcards...

    Thanks again :)
  • Benido


    Hey bunjow!

    Thx for your comment. To be honest - I just made up examples and used the tables, but didn't check for this special exception - thx for your correction.

    Postflop videos will be produced in the next couple of day and I hope you'll get some interesting input even though the first postflop video will be about the basic articles and the concepts behind it.

  • Benido


    YW :)
  • Benido


    BTW: Even in this case, it might make sense to 3bet here, cause we might not be ahead against the UTG-raiser, but could have 25%+, which would make it a profitable move, cause we do dominate the other 2 players... But this is maybe advanced content and shouldn't be part of a beginner video. Anyways I wanted to mention it in the comments, since there might be advanced players as well...
  • Xpload1989


    Goede, duidelijke video waarin het gebruik van de Open Raising Chart en de overige charts uit de bronze artikelen wordt behandeld. Uiteraard weer met voorbeelden om het gebruik van de charts te toetsen.
  • Rockynok


    I have problem playing Fixed Limit
  • Benido


    Hey Rocky... which prob? Regarding the "advanced preflop" content? Or in general?
  • nemiren


    Very nice interpretations of the starting hands charts!
  • Daedroth


    Very nice for beginners, thanks!
  • brydon10


    Thank you for this video. I am looking forward to putting the new open raising chart into practise! I am going to watch the other videos now.
  • jax3000


    I'm slightly confused about when should we use the SHC or these charts.

    Should we use these charts after we get good/confortable with the SHC?

    I'm still using the SHC, will i be able to "get" something from your postflop videos, even if you probably did them based on these new charts?
  • jax3000


    Discard my question/comment. Watched more carefully the video, and conclued that the ORC is not a substitute, but rather a complement to the standard chart.


    @jax well, your last comment get me confused about the whole issue :(

    i thought this orc is a chart used for 6max tables almost exclusively ( big reason for this would be the positions are only 6 if you watch it carefully ;)

    so it is not a complement but a substitute, except in a full ring game first 3 players fold which make the hand basically 6 max
  • winmaster76


    The charts here are supposed to be used instead of the SHC. The SHC is for absolute beginners and once you are ready to advance your play you use these charts instead. These charts are for fullring only. Jax and CRI4BRA are both incorrect how to use them, and I wouldn't want other people reading the comments to get confused.
  • fortunewheel


    how do these charts fit on a 9 handed table ( i play on full tilt)