Byron plays SH - Part 2

  • Fixed-Limit
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  • $15/$30
  • Shorthanded
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In this Limit 15-30 video Byron Jacobs analyses a short-handed session played on the Ongame network. This is the second video in a three part series on this session. The emphasis in this video is on obtaining reads on the opposition and exploiting them as quickly as possible. There are some strange players with unusual styles at the table and this obliges atypical adaptation on the part of the hero. There are two interesting moments where the hero uses the table dynamics to decide upon pre-flop play. a) (approx 13 mins) - a rather nitty pre-flop fold but one made specifically because of the style of the opponent(s) and table position. b) (approx 38.30 mins) - a pre-flop three-bet. A fairly standard play but one which the hero would decline to make if the table seating were different.


Byron plays SH Session Review

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  • CBFunk


  • berbisch


  • OnkelHotte


    Hey Byron, nice Video again.

    There were two spots which Iprobably would have played differently:
    12:30 KJ on the Button: I still like having some non Ace non Pair hands in my range, because any Ace on the flop can give you the pot immediately:
    Eg. Flop A72, Villain QT --> Folds 6 Outs. He might even fold a pair somewhere if The Board comes e.g. AQ7, I think hands like 33-55 might fold.
    The only problem I see is the danger of a 5 bet, but however, KJ would be too strong for me to fold here, especially as Dancer openrange is not too tight and as 7654 capping is very wide as well + the dream scenario: Dancer would fold to a 4 bet (even if unlikely^^)
    --> I still see a 3bet here.

    38:40 66: Usual ranges from CO are 44+, A2s+, K5s+, Q8s+, J8s+, T8s+, 98s, 87s, A7o+, K9o+, Q9o+, JTo
    You have 50.3% + very likely Deadmoney from the BB.
    However I absolutely got your points and like your argumentation regarding having a fish in the BB. But even with the fish in the BB I would be inclined to take the opportunity to play a big pot against the fish even if I know that there are not too many tools left to outplay a fish in a 3 way pot.
    --> I could understand to fold 44 here, which has only 46,6% EQ against CO, but 66 has 50,3% which is just too much to fold considering the dead money --> 3 bet 66 even with the fish in the BB.

  • ByronJacobs


    Hi Tobias, thanks for the feedback.

    12.30 KJ fold - yes I agree, probably too nitty, but I say this on the video (90%+ of the time I am 3-betting here). When I hit the flop its great but problem is when I miss I will quite likely lose some equity in the post-flop play because the opponent(s)' ranges are so wide and their play so unpredictable that I will make mistakes. However, I do have position so I have to agree this is really too nitty

    38.40 6-6 hand. This is really close IMO. With a terrible loose fish on the button who will call two cold with almost anything I think I still prefer to fold, because post flop the hand plays so badly 3-way and OOP as well. If this were a really tough game (well, maybe I wouldn't play if it was a really tough game), then I 3-bet here because finding profitable spots is tough. However, when there are quite easy profitable spots to be found in the game then I don't want to play these highly marginal situations, especially when it is almost impossible to play accurately post-flop.
  • tab


    hi byron,

    nice video again. thx a lot.

    i am a little bit confused about your tight gameplan. in a 5 handed game with naked (who is totally dumb)to your right and bizzrie (accouding to your reads weak tight almost nitty)to ur left i would start isoraisnig / 3betting a much larger range.

    e.g. the a7s hand would be a "snap" 3bet for me. thinking about the oink approach "get ur ass in pots with bad players!" and the real chance to buy the button to play ip against fish.

    sure seven654 and k_thedancer whom are left to bizzrie are weired players(but after the first few reads not good or tough) but u would also play ip against them.

    as a surplus the rake is low at 15/30 so that the ev decrease through high rake doesnt count in a strong way.

    a statement would be great.

    i am looking forward to see part 3! (especially for your thoughts referring the ax passive approch in part 1)

    keep up that nice work =)
  • fu4711


    Do you generally never coldcall preflop even IP with several players (potentially) in the hand who will not exploit such a play?
    I am aware it is normally a bad play (or inferior to raising/folding to be precise), and hard to balance either.
    But with a fish in the hand and perhaps even relative position on him (if not absolute position), there are spots were I sometimes do it.
    You normally get a decent chance to isolate the "fish" if you want to or play rather passive in a multiway pot to keep customers.
    Especially from the BB I do call fairly loose if I do not see too much fold equity against the original raiser with capping, in particular if the SB 3bets. In those spots keeping relative position on the aggressor is really worthful since most players c-bet 3handed almost no matter what.

    How would you adjust your game with the 10/15 blind structure on other sites? I often find it hard to find the right balance between the exploitive style and the changed environment, eg. isoraising the weak spot becomes more profitable due to dead money but fold equity against the players behind decreases too.
  • taavi1337


    You HAVE to 3bet KJo in that spot! It's just way too good. If CO is aggro it's great, if the BB wants to come along with a weaker hand it's even better. You're in position and probably better than them so you shouldn't be afraid that they outplay you postflop.

    As tab mentioned, you should also 3bet Ah7h vs the fish at 25:20. You don't even mention this option.

    The 66 3bet is standard, he's probably opening very loose and you want to punish him for that with a decent hand :)

    You seem to be a bit results-oriented. I'd like to hear a cold analysis and not hear the word "unfortunately" all the time. It's not even a live video and you still get obsessed with how the flop falls for you :))

    Your style seems to be a bit tight and pessimistic to me, but your observations and analysis are top class.

    Keep up the good work! I hope you don't mind the criticism from a noob