Five Star General - Part 1

  • NL BSS
  • NL BSS
  • $25
  • Fullring
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ge5sterne introduces his new Leakfinder series "Five Star General". He reviews the play of our community member i5bet72o across four tables of NL25 FR Rush Poker. They discuss general adjustments to the Rush Poker format as well as general pre- and postflop strategy and fullring specific range adjustments.


Five Star General FullTilt Rush User Session Review

Comments (24)

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  • CBFunk


  • i5bet72o


    really good video. It was kinda hard to play rush without a HUD so i decided to use the PT3 HUD.
  • fun101rockets


    nice video but maybe a little too long.
  • Wuscher


    First of all, nice format, I'd really like to see some more Rush Poker videos, especially FR.

    Concerning the content:
    I think you're dealing to much with particular hands, specifically it it comes to Rush Poker it might be better to do some more hands, also to arrange a feeling about the opponents playing at times of the video, but of course, in the really interesting spots, going a bit into detail as far as this is possible to be combined.
    Here, of course, there were some interesting spots.

    To the QQ-hand:

    I don't believe the most opponents on Rush NL25FR would be as agressive as you describe (even if they are capable of 3bet-bluffing from time to time) to barrel ANY diamond on the turn with a big part of their range.
    I think often they would check behind their marginal draws or marginal showdown value, e.g. 88-99, mabye T9 (which is namely toppair, but its relative hand strenght isn't really great at all, since our calling range oop - pre- and on the flop - doesn't contain many draws but many made hands) and even with complete air like Ax or Kx he might be scared that we're too strong to fold on the turn.

    The Jd is obviously an interesing card, but I don't bevlieve he would choose this betsize if he had picked up a flushdraw on the river.
    As you, ge5sterne, said, if he had the Ad and was willing to semibluff the turn, he would bet bigger. I'd say at least a bit over half the pot.

    Overall I really like the video format and the detailed analysis of ranges, that's pretty important on every limit.
  • MareksVas


    Thanks for the video.It was really good to hear you talk throw all possible ways to play the the hand.For me the video length was not too long.
  • EvaPoker


    i5bet72o is quite good for a live poker player ;)
  • lippo81


    - is 18
    - plays poker 2 weeks
    - has a huge edge
    - is overrolled for nl25

    pretty standard
  • madnkl


    Very nice video but I think you're being unnecessarily detailed in your explanations, thus limiting the amount of hands being reviewed for this long video :)
    Keep up the good work!
  • ge5sterne


    Hello Wuscher, thanks for your feedback. You are not the first one to tell me, that I spend too much time discussing particular hands. I will definitely try to improve in that regard.

    QQ-Hand: I agree with your perception of the tight ranges of most regulars in these games in this spot, thanks again for your opinion on the situation.
  • CBFunk


    a lil bit late but added the version with intro
  • CBFunk


    a lil bit late but added the version with intro
  • UTBadger


    Fantastic video
    I think you sould make a full set of them and the speed is perfect stoping
    to coment the way each of you considers the hand and bets sould be made and how you normaly play rush.
    Waiting for the next ;-)
  • Hedif


    if you have the earphone on and than the five stars come into the screen with a totally different sound.... I threw my earphones away. Please make sure on your future sessions that you have look at the sound-differences when putting different sounds in.
    Other than that thanks for a valuabel input...
  • ge5sterne


    Sorry about that, but I didn't make the Intro myself. I will forward the issue to our designer though, maybe he can fix it :)
  • Lizocain


    There are really alot of things that I didnt like. First pros, I like that you talk the hand all the way, a bit too much but lets say thats a good thing. The problem that really makes you lose focus is, 1st, use FADE, 2nd use full cards, that way you wont go to quickfold aces, any PP or AK, because the cards are just big as the flop, seriously it helps shitloads. Then, the AK hand, almost min4betting and then sucking out, If that guy plays his hand standard, he will 5bet shove, and ur equity sucks alot with AK vs KK. Most ppl in rush, 3bet BIG if they have QQ KK AA and they really dont wanna get sucked out by 67s calling a small 3bet, lets say 2.25$ bet a 67s would call (lose players) but maybe doesnt call 3-3.5$. So imo that AK is way better to call even OOP, and see the flop, with min 4bet, you really expect urself ahead, only if the A,K shows on flop. but yeah, thats 30~%. And also, HEM works just very fine with rush these days, I tested this week, its really good, u dont need PT3 anymore. I'm waiting the Part2 with these 3 additionional stuff in it, hope u use it:) GL
  • robpettitt


    Liked it, thought the analysis was about right (maybe a little too long occasionally but nothing too bad). I do think though 4 tables is too much to watch on Rush, I play 2 tables and is better for me! Thanks
  • dobreasami


    very interesting
  • freemot


    Nice comments of ge5sterne but boring weak ABC-NIT-Poker. Examples:
    - Fold 66, 55 in any given position
    - Fold AQo from CO against High Jack-Openraise
    - Limp behind AQo (BU) omg...
    - 88 (on K-high Board) weak line: Cbet/Check/Fold --> second barrel is +ev I think
    - ATo openfold High Jack (or MP2)
    - AKo flatcall and no Squeeze against 3 opponents...
  • Tobtek


    nice vid, really enjoy vids with two players, get good discussions going and are more fun to watch. Education should be fun. cheers
  • joeldowey123


    what was your starting BR if you are now on $3.5K? if you dont mind me asking!
  • Joakim


    I agree, two player videos are really awesome. Glad you liked it!
  • fusionpk


    About AKo hand, the guy who 3bets is the same guy who 3bet when you had QQ, iirc he 3bet you with ATs :D
  • yomatiyo


    I like the vid.. but this 18 guy.. can he be more arrogant?. WHIT ALL THE RESPECT. Hearing is a litle bit lol whit his huge edge, his "this guys of NL25 think that KK AA are nuts in 3bet pot" and limping AQ SB...

    The QQ and the AK hand.. we make just random asumptions.. I dont see the mining of that.
  • DecMate


    I agree with Yom.
    Lots of "potentials" but overall is a waste of time discussing as there is no right or wrong to it, where as other situations are more narrow ranged thus explanation is necessary

    But thanks for the video i enjoyed it <3