hasenbraten plays NL50

  • NL BSS
  • NL BSS
  • $50
  • Shorthanded
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Hasenbraten played a session NL50SH on room Poker. Watch him get into a tough spot with KK.


hasenbraten plays NL50 Session Review

Comments (24)

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  • CBFunk


  • flushtrain


  • ljyyn101


    只能看到开头的学校LOGO, 其他什么都看不了
  • siweq86


    hey, great movie

    31:00, KK, does call is an option at this flop??? What do you think about raise to 20$, and go allin with macphie, but if muhkuh will push then we fold. There will be no comittement do pot. Of course we lost more then 5,7$ if muhkuh broke, but call i think has no sens.
    34:00, 66, what do you think about check/call flop?? in my opinion guy with his AF could bet at river even with A high after your check, but if we raise then we beat only 33, 55,
    38:00 in my opinion check/raise was the only acceptable option at turn, he could have J or K with diamonds and without position if we call turn we have to bet at river but any card cant help us on river.

    JJ, Against this macphie i go allin even with 99 :P
  • siweq86


    i forgot, sorry for my english :)
  • pappenheimer


    lol@ letzte hand
  • luvmeluvme


    i dont know why. but this video i liked very much. it was somehow a lot better thatn the others.

    would it be possible for you to play on some more pokerplatform?

    maybe some ipoker? or everest action?

    and maybe a nl100 video also?
  • i5bet72o


    well played with the KK.
  • Bingo


    KK was not tough at all ;) But nice vid, much better than the average hasenbraten-vid :D
  • madhat


    hasenbraten - fish xD
  • erazor1980


    "badish" "smalish" "bigish" and the cacoepy... what can i say... geekISH, rofl
  • hasenbraten


    i would def. appreciate more comments onto the KK hand, i found it very interesting
  • Belousoval


    +1 Muhkuh is standart reg with 21/18 stats AF -3 No way hes calling set on such draw board vs donk fish OOP. I think that was very ugly to call KK there...

    Other is pretty standart xept stupid raises vs regs wich is looking more strong then just push with nuts coz push is kinda often draw like or smth and your strange re re raising hes bet is looking like you got nuts and want at least anything.
  • chrsbckr75


    "ran quite good"??? indeed!

    What a nice donation of V in the last hand.....In these situs V shows trips to me.....But maybe that's a question of momentum.....

    nice vid.
  • Sacrifice51


    LOL @6: #2...at least he tries to speak fluent english, but still has brutal german accent :) Keep trying Hasy...
  • Anger86


    It is very though to put him (rock-BB) on his pre-flop cold-calling range as we have so less hands.
    We should probably assume, that he will 3bet hands like AK/QQ+ and will call all other pocket pairs, AQo/AQs.
    Question remains:

    Is he calling pre-flop with AJs/AJo?
    In my opinion it is too weak, simply because he is OOP.

    So, I tested this hand on equilator with two different hand ranges:

    1. JJ, 99, 33, AsQs - here we have only 18% equity. (I believe AsQs = raise on the flop mostly)

    2. JJ, 99, 33, AsQs, AJs, AJo - here we are "JUST" flipping.

    So, here is not a big value to shove/raise flop. We will lose a big pot, but win a small one.

    Well, what do you think about fold on the flop? Isn't that going to be the best play for the long run?
    I don't know, but I have a feeling, that into these spots we are rarely controlling things.
  • Bamboule


    @6 Search for good Coaches in ur Community, so u dont have to watch german videos talking english...
  • NeilSimpson


    nicely played with KK....i most likely would have raised to something like 15 to find out how strong the BB was. tough to fold when you see so many players at these levels stacking off with top pair...AJ e.t.c...i think you lost the min in that spot but in those cases I find it hard to fold with a flop like that thinking that its a chance to take his whole stack with something like AJ
  • syberking


    i like check raise because another diamond would suck
  • Dziurgis


    It was rather interesting to see myself in the video
  • ST0N3D


  • Kariyou77


    hmm,around 9 min: Why do you squeeze with 5x the initial raiser?

    Isn't it a very big amount to squeeze there?

    Do you squeeze this big with all your squeeze hands or just the big PP?
  • matiapag


    The KK hand in my oppinion is a raise on the flop. I can't see muhkuh callin with set on such a flop and I don't think you can be scared of comitting yourself. You have a great hand and you want to make them pay for the next card. You still have the Ks, which eliminates some of their drawing hands and gives you the K-high FD if the next spade comes on the turn. If the turn is not a spade, you shouldn't be afraid of shoving there, because you're deffinitelny beating the fish's range
  • dainauskiene


    @23 If muhkuh is a good player, he might call with a set, because the fish is donking with a very wide range, thus if I was muhkuh I would also only call on the flop and let him bluff on the turn as well. And this brings exactly the ugly situation for preflop aggressor, since he can raise fish, but can't raise the 2nd player