Fullring Frenzy - Part 7

  • NL BSS
  • NL BSS
  • $200
  • Fullring
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ge5sterne reviews the play of PokerStrategy.com member Goldflair03 on NL200FR on Full Tilt.


Fullring Frenzy FullTilt series User Session Review

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  • CBFunk


  • Fox999


  • supeyrio


    hi, i would like to offer some constructive suggestions. maybe you would like to talk slightly faster(less pauses and stuff) so that we can actually go through more hands. because i feel that you talked too long about one hand.

    secondly, on the KJo squeeze hand, the cbet on the flop as a bluff(definitely not for value) doesnt seem to be a +EV move as i dont see villian folding anything in his range here, he's almost never folding his 55+ AQ+ on the flop. think checking and barreling off scare turn rivers will be more effective.

    anyhow good video that can be better if we can evaluate much much more hands! :)
  • Fox128


    The cbet at 20:00 is absolutely fine. We don't want overcards like KQ,AX,KX,QX to see a free turn.

    The fish might have any those combinations, and even the reg might have something like KQs or AQ.
  • ge5sterne


    I personally don't believe that mere protection against 6 outs itself is a reason to cbet here. A Bet will definitely be +EV but there are also merits to checking back this flop (besides balance), as explained in the video.
  • Mantikorrrr


    I think it's rather 9 or 12 outs against two opponents. So protection should be a reason to bet.
    We also bet for free river. We won't fire many turns as you explained, but we realise our backdoor-equity as well.
    You can't expect your opponents will bet any worse into you on the turn. Therefore we can't call a bet there if we don't improve.
    Under these circumstances a bet is likely to be more +EV than a check, I think.
  • ge5sterne


    Betting for a free River as a sole reason, doesn't suffice as a reason as well in my eyes ;)

    But all the factors combined certainly make for a profitable CBet. But I never argued against the CBet being +EV, I just wanted to illustrate in which scenarios we might want to consider checking back, just as this one. If you prefer to always Cbet here, go ahead I guess.

    Why can't I expect my opponent to bet into me with worse? People do bluff and the more aggressiv Villian appears to me, the more likely we should be to consider an induce-line.
  • Mantikorrrr


    I never asserted you argued against a +EV Cbet here. :D

    Well, if you are up against one villain I would agree, but you can't expect the reg to purebluff much with the fishy player behind him.
    He might semibluff with a hand like 76/9T, but these hand call our valuebet on the flop too.
    And a Q/K/A on the turn improves our cbehind range on the flop, doesn't it? Thus a bluff gets less likely and we have an easy fold to a turnbet, I guess.
  • Mantikorrrr


    sry for spelling mistakes.
    (no edit in comments =( )
  • ge5sterne


    I agree, in this 3way scenario I am very likely to fold to aggression from most regulars, especially unknowns.

    On the same token, the EV of our Flopbet will also be somewhat smaller than in a HU situation ;)

    Obviously we can go both ways here and most importantly we should consider the tendencies our opponents here and adjust accordingly. More easily said than done ^^
  • Fox999


    Ur english is very well
  • goldflair03


    i dont expect that he's folding 55+ AQ+ there.
    but i do expect him to call preflop with alot more hands, like mediumstrength broadways and some sc's.
    (he's a 22/12 guy with 50% fold23bet-tendencies, who was coldcalling and is now facing a squezze as last person to act preflop)

    if we dont bet the flop then we just give up right away (i dont expect him to check back anything on this board)

    if we do bet we've got probably enough FE against most of his unpaired hands, as i dont expect him to purefloat me here that often.

    + we do realise some sd-equity ( if we do hit a J/K on the turn then we could keep on playin for value. if an ace comes up on the turn, we could think about an bluffshove...
    if we dont improve on the turn and he sitting on a lower pocket, then he's may be checking back the turn for potcontrol/sd-value -> so we could get another freecard

    overall we've got like 8-10 outs against his flopcallingrange + some FE against his air-range, so i still do like my cbet in this spot :-)