Midstakes Rocket - Part 1

  • Fixed-Limit
  • FL
  • $10/$20 - $15/$30
  • Shorthanded
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In his first video for PokerStrategy.com johnnyrocket1 played a session on Full Tilt on the 10/20 and 15/30 tables and takes you through his play.


FullTilt Live Video Midstakes Rocket

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  • CBFunk


    Welcome Reese:)
  • tmy


    good first impression
  • LOncleSoul


    nice vid.
  • hasufly


    never heard a person talking SO BORED about poker before :D
  • Sacrifice51


    @4: Business as usual for him ;) Nice Opening Video Johnny. Good Stuff!
  • foxi82


    Hey Reese,

    nice video. I have a question about the KQ flopraise on JT8. I think this is a very interesting spot. I am interested how you balance that flopraise? Until now I always call flop and turn in these spots. Maybe I have to reconsider ;P I really like how you induce villain to play his hand "face up" with this line. You kind of force him to show you what parts of his range he holds on every street and can play your hand accordingly. Balancing is the only concern I have in this spot.

    Thanks in advance
  • kulmi


    in before nani flame gegen englisch

    nice vid, i liked it even though i dont play FL ^^
  • Galya1949


    nice one
  • HamburgmeinePerle


    nice video, great adaptions to the plays of the villains, sometimes I thought "wow, really a tough fold here", but the way you're explaining it is nice and clear.

    I also thought about tough folds recently but in the end I was still calling the River as I got 1 to 10 and maybe villain could make a crazy move and so on, I didn't trust my read or impression and called, but sometimes you just have to fold, there were a couple of spots in your video about this, I liked that.

    same question here as #6 about balancing the flopraises head-up in position!?

    You talked about how bad iti is, if you ever play call flop raise turn with your strong hands.

    Would you say it's bad if you NEVER raise or 3-bet the flop in position, so you play call flop raise turn with both made hands and draw anytime? Because the line would be balanced then, you mustn't 3-bet the flop with draws of course as typoon did it one time. But it's balanced, is it still bad?

    what is your advise, in which proportion you should give action on the flop directly or delay it on the turn?

    One question to a specific hand in the video:


    you are calling both Flop and Turn with your Ahigh flushdraw.

    Would you raise a 7 directly on the flop in this spot or delay it on the turn? What about a 5 or a pocket pair?

    If you're calling with a flushdraw two times here, how would you balance your valueline with madehands (if this was raise flop or raise turn)? As you have few draws in your range as you openraised from the hijack? There are not so many flushdraws worse than Ahigh in your range and only a 98s-Gutshot or do you openraise 86s there?
    Or would you balance this with purebluffs? Because otherwise Villain can fold Ahigh anytime when you raise the turn here.
  • mackween


    переведите пожалуйста
  • sali76


    nice vid.
    looking forward to your answers to #6 and #8

    specially the KQ hand was very interesting
  • CBFunk


    Sorry guys that Reese might need some more time til he can answer your questions but he´s on a trip thru Thailand (?) atm but he will defintely answer your questions
  • Nani74


    naja wieder mal ein vid von nem guten spieler der einfach nur 0815 vids macht und damit nichts von seinem wahren können zeigt. hat auf 10/20 stats von 38/28 spielt hier aber nen wannabe TAG style von 30/23.

    and a personal note in english to you mr.rocket:

  • Krut


    О!!! Reese теперь на пс. Класс!
  • K4liman


    Sessionende: linker Tisch 37/21, rechter Tisch 36/28

    nu is gut?
  • KittenKaboodle


    lol, Nani, bei der kleinen Sample Size gibt es halt Abweichungen.
  • johnnyrocket1


    foxi, thanks, balance is very unimportant if you aren't playing with people all the time so it's not really a big deal in these spots if i don't have much history with them
  • johnnyrocket1


    @ hamburg, again the balance is not too key if you aren't playing against them much, it actually will cost you money in a lot of spots, remember that making a call getting good odds is never going to be a big mistake, perhaps take a pen and write down each time you see these spots and see if you are making calls that are incorrect over the long haul, that's how i realized this.

    Interesting question on the hand, although you don't need to balance much, it's very important to be able to understand balance and why you are deviating, if you can't think of enough semi-bluffing hands, then you are going to have to add pure bluffs to your hypothetical bluffing range to make it even
  • johnnyrocket1


    hey guys, i don't understand german but sorry nani? In any given video it is a small sample, I can try making some more lag videos, 30/23 is semi-lag, but over this small of a sample the stats won't converge enough, you know that
  • tomzyb


    I think this is the best video on English community so far.
    Really love all explanations, and especially how you allways explain your play through opponent's ranges and how you chop ranges down through streets, given the reads you have on your opponents. More vids like this one please. Very very helpfull!
  • johnnyrocket1


    thanks a bunch, very happy to have such a good review
  • murkins


    good vid, was waiting for your new producion on CR and what a suprise you work for poekrstrategy now ;)
  • XeroHTLP


    more plz
  • johnnyrocket1


    I've got more on the way now guys, murkins, I decided to not join them :) and give up coaching but pokerstrategy gave me a great offer I couldn't refuse.
  • boyanbozhidarov


    Hey, Johny! Very nice videos. You have amazing poker thinking, rly nice explanations through the video, good job. And thumb up, you're the best PS FL coach and producer imo.


    я английский не знаю (
    сия бесполезное видио (
  • gp00053


    Great Great Video Bud. And you're right. I feel bad for you but you're right. It does help to see go players run bad
  • cekpirus88


    sorry guys but the video is not so good i think, he calls a raise with 7 10o and he loses a big pot. other plays are confused he raised after flop with 66 with all high card... he does not play so much on position.
  • hello90s


    nice video, i liked it .
  • vincsnow


    what is the program who said the previous hand
  • cyajin


    I don't know what you mean exactly, but the hand history tells you your previous hand. You have that option on every pokersite