The Mathematics of Limit Holdem - Part 1

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In his first video for leader22 explains the mathematics of limit holdem. He talks about equity, pot odds and expected value (EV).


Equity odds The Mathematics of Limit Holdem Theory Video

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  • CBFunk


  • LordPC


  • Waiboy


    Cool, another excellent LHE series. :) <3
  • Heffron89


  • SpaceMarine


    What kind of O8 content will you do?

    Cant find any topics on the forums.. can u post a link?
  • Leader22


    Thanks guys ;)
  • scion


    nice video thx a lot
  • babyjokerface


    Thanks a lot Leader22,

    very clear explanations, easy to follow. I´m really looking forward to watching your next vids.
  • L0rDPh0eNiX


    where can I get this outs/draw chart min 5.40?
  • pparker


    Very good video. I wish it was in german language ;)
  • Kogtistiy


    Hi, Leader22 :) I'm responsible for inter-community video feedback (Russian - English). Some of Russian players say that it would be nice to see more hand examples in your videos.
  • Leader22


    Hey Kogtistiy,

    The next video has 3 hand examples and 6 practice exercises. In the future, I'll try to add even more.

  • Leader22



    LO8 content is probably a bit down the road. I'll keep you posted when I start on it.


    I just pulled the image with a google search. Unfortunately, it appears the site I got it from didn't pay it's hosting fee. So I can't give you a direct link. You might try taking a screen shot of the slide if you really want it.

    LordPC, babyjokerface, pparker,

    Thanks ;)
  • JazBenz


    Ive always had a hard time with math at school and in poker I am not having a better time with it. lol - but Ill check out the next video, I need examples to understand any of this. Even though Ive been pretty successful without any math, so Im relieved its not an absolute must to play poker :P

    I think I just have it built in me, knowing when to still call or to fold based on pot size and bets.
  • iNspiRe


    Hey, Leader22

    There is one question for you from russian community. One guy is wondering - what programm you used to find out opponents range? You sad it is not available for now, but can you name it?

    Appritiate any answer!
    Best regards