Reraising preflop in MTTs

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JonathanLittle talks about hands where he reraised preflop, some hands where he has a deep stack but also with a shallow stack.


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  • CBFunk


  • z1ngs


    Ganz schön fleißig der gute Jon
  • Sacrifice51


    Dont like the KQ Shoove from MP2 early in the Video, despite the fact, that he opens a lot in this spot...restealing from the But.,SB or BB would be my play. Your stack is still fine, and you can go easy thru the blinds 1-2 Times.

    Also dont like the OOP Call with A7s preflop / Push is little bit overplayed, when you have some Stats about the Vi. I shoove here definetly OOP with this hand or play 3bet/call...

    Last Hand 76s is also pretty easy fold 4 me, the BB has only 20 BB left, U really think they are opening this loose ?

    BTW: Hands like KJ or other Broadways are not that bad and good playable, have no problem of calling preflop OOP, when mega deepstack...but as you said in your Introduction "Reraising with Hands, you dont wanna see a flop Axs/Axo..."

    Bottom Line: Your a Work Horse Jon :) Every week at least one new video. Was nice als always to watch you play.
  • Shinersen


    hello sir.
    i was wondering if these plays ( not especially in this clip) are working from times to times on MTTs <10$ (1.1, 2.2 , 3.3 esp)
    Best regards
    PS : u rock }{
  • HoofdVogel


    yea same question: from which stake would this work more than fail?
  • luxxx


    Jon really finds the right balance between internet poker lingo and normal English which makes it more enjoyable to listen to than the average poker educational video.

    Keep up the good work!
  • aciddrop


    "Hey kids, don't try this at home!"

    That would be my advice at the lower buy ins that shinerseb is asking about. Those levels are made up of beginners, drunks, grinders trying to move up, or people who watch pros on pokerTV and think making big gambles is what the game is about. I am playing 3.3 at the moment, and there is no fold equity.

    I would think that these examples all come from $30 and up tourneys, where the players all have at least some clue. Seems like it is a good level to begin practising this kind of aggression.
  • Anathorn


    nice video mate, really.
    very good good job.
  • JonathanLittle


    I am sure most of the examples came from $50 and higher tournaments. At low stake tournaments, you will make money by simply playing straightforward poker. You dont need to do anything fancy to beat those games.