First Steps - Part 3

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In the third part Benido focuses on the concepts that are presented in the basic articles of the strategy section. Additionally he presents the concepts that are the basics for all the moves in the articles and presents the standard lines on the flop, turn and river. As usually he explains all the concepts with some examples on the different streets.


Beginner First Steps series Theory Video

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  • CBFunk


  • Xpload1989


    Heb deze video onlangs alvast in het Duits bekeken, omdat de serie daar net even wat voorloopt op de Engelse serie. Het gaat allemaal wat snel, maar het is een erg goede video. Enjoy!
  • Fox999


  • Styrodon


    Yeah nice instructive video, liked it.

    Good work Benido
  • Rockynok


    good video Benido. thanks very much.
  • Benido


    Thx guys... Hope youll like part 4 and 5 even more since it's advanced content and I guess even more helpful :)
  • nemiren


    these are extremely powerful tools we need to grasp in order to be successful at micro limits!
  • brydon10


    Thank you for this video. Heading to video 4 now :)