$60 45man Turbo

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This video is a hand history review of a $60 45-man turbo. In this video Aaron discusses what approach you should take in 45-man turbos and examines the difficult spots.


$60 45man Turbo hand history review PokerStars

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  • CBFunk


  • Cardbender


    haha i got to see the first couple mins and im not gold, wuahahahaha

    I'll rail your tables Aaron see what you doing. gl
  • keystar


    nice play
  • horsetranquilizer


  • MadMops


  • Grezstar


    nice upswing lol
  • MadMops


    less than one BB an then winning the tourney, nice! hitting sets must be so easy ;)

    btw: i saw t000piC ^^
  • flex089


    perfect hitting
  • GutsForSale


    I dont like a lot of play here. A lot of mistakes and too risky shoves. I cant understand any reasons to push A5o from UTG when you have 15bb and pretty deep stack considering other stack sizes.. even if you multitabling. You said that it was mistake but anyway, why you did so rude mistake
  • emotv


    very nice video thanx Aaron.
  • Njeng


    good video with nice analysis, but checking the top set in HU vs a guy who shoved each of your cbets was rly awful!
  • Moenogle


    who is t000piC? I see him very often
  • HeilLoki


    luckboxing is a nice way to win tourneys...
  • Alverine


    Very nice session review. You rock

    I have some questions:

    #1: There were 2 AJ at the FT where you shoved wtih more than 14BB. Personally, i think hat minraise/call were better in both spots, because when you min raise you are more likely to receive a 3bet shove with AT-,KQ, 89s and other stuff. When you push, you are more likely to go to shwowdown with hands that dominates you. I would open push if there were too many bad players who would call my min raise.

    #2: Do you take any ICM considerations at the Final table, or just play for pure equity?

    #3: Why dont you use the universal replayer or holdem manager to show the equity you need instead of building a excel sheet?

    #4: The AQo ugly spot against the donkey fish who made a big raise: Dont you think that SOMETIMES he will do this with complete garbage hand and int the long run the equity you have will be higher because you can catch a bluff sometimes?

    #5: The 86s early game you said that you could play this hand. And by play, you would limp or iso raise?

    #6:Dont you think play ATo middle pos with 50BB stack is a little bit loose to open raise?

    #7: The 82s FT SBxBB should be a fold IMO. Hes not shoving any2 EVERYTIME. Theres the chance that hes a bad player and even if he's a reg, he could miss this spot or is a ICM nit. Since 82s is very marginal against a any2 range, and when hes pushing less than 70% you are huge -EV, so to me that's a fold.

    Overall very, very good play.
  • AaronLambert


    #1) It is an interesting suggestion min raising and then allowing a 3bet shove with some weaker hands. It would get tough to play post flop if you get someone who flats in position but suppose shoving on any flop works as well. I tend to like shoving because personally I would rather just take the blinds in this spot and not have any run ins with the 89s. Yes, I'm ahead but blinds are fine by me :).

    #2) I assume you are talking about pay jumps. And the answer to that would be never. Winning always trumps moving up a spot or two. There is an element in these tournaments to get into the money but once in its all go for me.

    #3) I know Universal replayer does show you the pot odds you are receiving which you can use to determine the equity but after I made the spreadsheet its simply easy to use.
  • AaronLambert


    #4) Yes and no, Could he have a hand like JT suited sometimes? yes. But how often? I tend to think it may account for 5% of his range which isn't going to give me enough equity to make this play.

    #5) Either play seems fine by me. Isoing gives you a higher likely hood of winning and then just limping allows for more opponents if you happen to catch the gin flop you play 86s for. Both seem fine I don't prefer either one tbh. I really don't think you can misplay this hand on the button preflop. It just depends on whether you are a preflop player or postflop player.
  • AaronLambert


    #6) A little loose yes, I am a post-flop player by nature. If I had a student who was a preflop player I would tell him to fold here.

    #7) I think it does depend if he is shoving any 2 or not on whether it is a call or not. It is close either way so folding here or calling will not hurt your equity either way.

    It is slightly damaging to the stack so either way on this one.

    Thanks for the kind words everyone!
  • AaronLambert


    running good does help. In turbos you have less time to really show an advantage. In the later stages it is simply about shoving in spots.

    I understand your point of view on the set vs. aggressive player. The idea is to get as many chips into the pot as I can and if I were deeper I would lead out. Being so short I have no problem letting him be the aggressor.
  • itSmIn3z


    I don't know if I like your push with AJ on the bubble.
    1. It's marginal. With Callingranges between 3 and 4.7% its still 0 $EV.
    2. Aren't you afraid of getting exploited by regulars some time? I guess you wouldn't push QQ+ there!?
    The advantage is, that you won't be bluffraised off your hand by another deepstack (but will they really do so?). But you will also get no action from him when you have a very strong hand... So they can play pretty well against you. Or would you also raise something like 9Ts there to balance?
    Of course, if there are only unknown players these things do not matter but I think raising is still more +EV...
    Why don't you like raise/folding or calling (depending on stack shoving)?
  • Klinkie


    immer nur englisch MTT :-(
  • CBFunk



    there will be Team PokerStrategy videos in the near future plus the last Nazgul series just finished one week ago
  • Atoks


    Good vid, gave me some nice tips for early stage aggro. I just hope this isn't a mis-interpretation of how "soft" these games seem to be :P But it always looks easy when ur running hot and night on impossible when ur facing cold decks. Hope ur vids bring more fresh money to the MTT SnG games!
  • nyehehe


    nice vid.

    at 39:04 you pick up 88. you said you won't fold, but this is not a good hand to play postflop. Would you consider just shoving wiht this 22bb? Maybe it's better than being in a though spot on the flop. I don't really see them reshoving with hands that include worse cards than an 8.

    anyway, according to OPR you are running bad in these 45man tournaments. do the 180man sngs fit you better?
  • etnogvozd


    too much of a luck factor for me... cant watch...
  • miskokvo


    what was your biggest downswing on those mtt sngs in BI and Days/sesions..

    stupid questions i know but i have like 19 loosing sesions in row.. 3 weeks.. 200BI at 45mans regular speed on FT ..buy ins from 11-75$

    had 2-3 of 100-150BI downers but this one is my biggest...

    im bit curious
    thanks :)
  • AaronLambert


    Itsminz3: I do think calling ranges are pretty tight in this spot. Also do you consider if I get called in win in those calculations? I don't really do too much of breaking down a situation like this so I'm curious for your reply.

    I would be shoving QQ there and maybe even KK if I do have regulars on the table. I would even consider just shoving AA because with these stack sizes doing anything different seems a little transparent to me. Unless I was min-raising often which isn't the case (or my style).

    Raise folding when you are sitting with around 13 true BBs is just weak. I am only covered by one opponent left to act. If you do employ this play I think you need to have a gameplan on who you are calling if they shove and who you will fold against.
  • AaronLambert


    With 88 I kinda prefer shoving. It is just an awkward stacksize and I was hoping for a 3bet shove more-so than a call.
  • AaronLambert


    Using Sharkscope I filtered to show sngs from 45 entries + excluding satellites.

    My biggest downswing seems to be around 7500. Average buying around $20 at the time would make that a 375 BI downswing. My next biggest downswings are around 2000 which is about 100 BI's.

    These tournaments have variance but nothing comparable to regular MTTs. The bad variance those tournaments can give are brutal!
  • AaronLambert


    I do show a profit in the 45-man turbos but not much. My ROI is only 6% so I do think my game is better suited for the 180-mans. That being said I have ran really REALLY horrid in $60 45-mans (excluding this one of course) in the past but have fared well in the other 45-mans.

    I like the quantity of volume you can put in the 45-mans because it is a bit quicker but I think for me I would probably be better off focusing solely on 180-mans and just not playing the 45's anymore.
  • miskokvo


    thank you very much ..those words are realy helpful to me
  • itSmIn3z


    Yes I analyzed it with SNGWizard, so your equity when getting called is considered. Callingranges are tight but they will not fold AK.
    The bubble has a big impact here although there is only one stack covering you.
  • AaronLambert


    No problem I'm glad I can help!
  • AaronLambert


    Definitely an interesting spot!
  • nyehehe


    at your previous video I have a commentar, that may help you, and I have some questions as well.
  • Duodax


    lol luck you up, nothing interesting
  • alwayswinning1111


    why do you push 87o offsuit all in at the heads up having about 30 BB and a comfortable situation in the heads up? you say you have live cars, but dont u want to hold the better hand in an all in in such a situation?
  • Alverine


    Hey Atoks. I wouldnt worry too much about. As long as we play our best (and our best is somewhat like this video). But I see your point, 45man mid-high stakes is not that profitable anymore, and we have major swings cause we need to push and call in marginal spots and good players will call us in marginal spots, taking out some of your EV.

    But IMO payout jumps have some importance. I will be avoid all sort of marginal spots if there's a short stack waiting to fall (or will pressure mid stacks because they are likely to tighten up).

    i would like to know how is your bubble play when short stack, mid stack, and chipleader.

    Very good video. I think its the frist video here that I raised a lot of questions.
  • itSmIn3z


    @22: its just 15bb and you can push 14.7bb with 78o (unexploitable)in a headsup-situation (nash-equliibrium)
  • t000piC


    i am famous!
  • AaronLambert


    Big stack I'm mega aggressive generally

    Middle-average stack I tend to be aggressive towards other middle to average stacks but not so much to the big or small stacks unless the bubble looms.

    Short stack generally I look for a spot to be first in so I have some F/E with some sort of showdown value.

    Questions always welcome :D
  • AaronLambert


    haha congrats t000piC :D
  • JustgAMblin


    @ Aaron
    min 37:00
    Do you know that u cant just take your chip equity and use it for ITM situations?

    Early in a 45man i agree you can use nearly your CEV cause u are far away from a bubble or ITM.

    although in this specific situation 82s is a close call even in the wizard. But only if you put your edge to 0.00.
  • Rolo23


    HYMYM viewers may recognize that you can make a drinking game out of this video ;-)
  • ormusJ


    Hi Arron,

    min 19:17 - your calculations are wrong.
    It's not 500+590 but 700+590(400-BU raise plus 300-blinds and 590-rest of the hero stack to shove.TOTAL = 1290).So the correct pot odds are 1290:590 and equity hero needs is 31,44% instead of 35,12%.It's a quite easy fold.You can consider shoving with 52s but not offsiuted.

    However, I like your agression, and the thing that you're looking for a spots to build your stack in early stages.
    Good video!
  • vengeance77


    Very usefully video. Thank you!
  • x7zS0ul


    the player on the BB is with stack 5870 after posted with BB=400 (5870/400=14.6BB) why you saying that he is with stack of 11BB ?
    SB is with stack of 7460 BB is 400 (7460/400=18,6BB) why you saying that he is with stack of 14bb ?