Crushing NL50 - Part 6

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Part 6 focuses on adjusting your game against specific opponents, exploiting, polarisation of ranges and balancing.


Crushing NL50 series Theory Video

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  • kammikammerl


    Have Fun!
  • Muscamatei


    Very interesting video
  • gadget51


    A bit more involved than NL5 Lol. Will need about 34,493 viewings for me. :)
    Superb stuff, ty.
  • w34z3l


    video defintion of polarised range - a range which only contains one type of hand.

    I believe this to be misleading. A range which can be split into either nuts or air can be considered polarized.

    A range which only contains one type of hand can be considered an extremely "narrow" range or an "unbalanced" range but I feel to refer to this as the definition of "polarized" range is misleading.

    The dictionary definition of polarized - to divide into sharply opposing factions, political groups, etc

    Just my 2cents
  • w34z3l


    Video goes on to say that a polarised range is one that is not balanced.

    It is possible to have a perfectly balanced polarised range (even if polarized ranges will generally be unbalanced with a much higher frequency)

    A polarized range is simply one that is not continuous. This does not mean it can't be balanced.

    Seen enough for today....

  • w34z3l


    And sorry, nice vid. Nothing wrong with it, thanks for the hard work. Just thought maybe it could be considered a little misleading.

  • jsabroso


    which program is using to know the stats?
  • ShadowCasino


  • ShadowCasino


    Very good sample hands! Really enjoyed the vid. Nice job!
  • Harnas31


    great vid - once to hear it is not enough.

    [12:50]to [18:40] should be checked by some coach.
    Most of the time there is talking about depolarised range , not polarised.
    vpip 1.5% polarised is AA, 72+
    vpip 1.5% depolarised is KK+, AKs
    Am I right ?